2 1/2 Year Old Fia

I nipped up to Vermont for a quick weekend in early December to attend the VT Wedding Parlor’sholiday party and to celebrate Fia’s Mom Heidi’s birthday!

As a late birthday present to Fia and a birthday present to Heidi I compiled all my photos of Fia at age 1 into an album. I’m happy to say that my photos are instilling a love of photography in Fia at a young age and one of her favorite things to do is look at “pitures.” Here she’s showing Dad a book that’s all about her 🙂

She really is starting to look like a little girl but she still likes playing peek a boo and being chased around 🙂

Getting more independent too!

In this picture I’m especially struck by how “old” she looks

We went out for breakfast at “The Spot”

But she still had time to bounce on Dad’s knee when we came home 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!