What photographers do for fun….

Last night I attended a rocking Pictage user group meeting. What do photographers do when they get together you might ask? Take photos of course!!

We split into groups of four and had one hour to shoot on the New Haven Shore. Each photographer had to take at least one picture of each individual in their group and then we also had to take a group picture where at least one person had to be in the sand.

Jackie Greenberg of JAG Studios in New Haven hosted us at her lovely beach side home. You don’t always think of Connecticut having a shore but it was a beautiful night with lovely “glory light” and an almost full moon (tonight is the blue moon!)

Teresa Wagner and Heather check out the results

Steve Depino (i.e. .com) and Jackie Greenberg focus in.

HELP – they’re everywhere!!!

I’ll post some more results in the next few days – we photographers tend to sit around and chat (and last night we ate smores!!!) so I didn’t get home until 1:15.

Awesome night – thanks everyone

Spring Day!

The other day I attended an outdoor carnival complete with cotton candy, inflatable rides, water hose fights, and…..a DUNK BOOTH.

The expressions on his face totally cracked me up but he came out of the water smiling when he got knocked down (and proceeded to get right back into line to be dunked again!!). Every so often he would sneak a peek out of one eye still holding his breath – this kid is a real ticket!!

His sister was waiting in line relishing seeing him getting knocked down!

A beautiful spring day enjoyed by all!

Has it been only a year……?

A year ago today we went to Rosemont Labradors to pick out Strider. I can’t even begin to put into words how much we’ve loved having Strider in our lives. Before him there were two of us but now it feels like a family.

We chose between two males. Originally we were leaning towards the other as Strider spent the first half of our visit sleeping. Eventually he decided to come check us out…

This is still Jeff’s favorite picture of Strider…..

Hanging out looking cute….

He was the biggest in the litter – look at those paws!

We picked Strider because of his blinding speed.

I’m not thrilled at all to finally be getting a dog 😉

The family is complete (for now….)

Memorial Day Weekend Re-Cap

Sorry for the hiatus – I took a little vacation from blogging when I was visiting my Dad this weekend in Pennsylvania. I get very sucked into the computer (i.e. sit down to do “one thing” and get up an hour later!!!) so it is good for me to cut myself off sometimes. I missed blogging 🙁

My Aunt Yvonne was visiting from Mudgee, Australia and my Father’s 1st cousin Priscilla was visiting from Merced, CA. My Brother Jon also came down to join the party – it was beautiful weather and we spent most of our time outside swimming, eating, and eating some more – the food never stopped coming!! Priscilla is the family historian so we were regaled by her remembrances.

Strider has finally decided to be a Labrador and has taken to the water. Since it was between 80-85 all weekend he quickly learned that a dip in the pool was a good way to cool off!

My Dad as always loved teasing him and trying to encourage him to jump off the side (he didn’t….only went daintily down the stairs!)

What will he do with grandkids 😉

Where did his head go?

Uncle Jon also got in on the action trying to teach Strider that it’s not polite to swim on top of people and scratch them 🙁

Afternoon tea (very Australian) by the pool

But Dad can’t stay still for long so has to prune the clematis (now I know where I get it from!!)

The handsome happy men in my life

My Dad is a FANTASTIC gardener whose handiwork was in full bloom this weekend. The rest of us agreed that we love the final result but couldn’t possibly get through all the work leading up to it. The garden is truly an oasis and so peaceful and relaxing.

On Sunday morning Jeff, Yvonne, Strider, and I took a walk in a local nature conservancy. We found this beautiful tree carved with messages both recent and from long ago…

There are two beautiful covered bridges….

And on the other side of the second one a meandering stream….

I love exploring streams and sitting beside them watching them gurgle by. We waded in to look for rocks, play retrieve with Strider, and appreciate the beauty of the day. I turned around at one point and Yvonne was taking my picture so I thought I’d take hers…she put the camera down as she was laughing so hard 🙂

Despite exercising in the pool and by following my Dad around the garden Strider got the whizzies running through this overgrown field. It was so idyllic.

Tomorrow it’s back to work but it was a nice breath to the usual hectic pace of life.

Recent happenings….

Two weekends ago I was in Eastern Massachusetts photographing a school’s reunion. I stayed with my cousin and took this late Saturday night while Grit was snoogling with his Mom. Grit has perhaps the largest head of any Labrador I know. This guy doesn’t realize he isn’t a big baby and loves to hurl his eighty pound body at you and cuddle up. Luckily he is a big well trained schmoosh so he doesn’t do too much damage!! Strider wouldn’t stop sniffing me when I got home – he knew I had been spending time with his favorite Coozan doggie!

I forgot to blog about a great show I saw last week – Jersey Boys – great music and all songs you can sing along to….I couldn’t help tap tapping my feet!

Then this past weekend Strider’s pal Brody came for three nights. They are bestest buds and have fun wrestling and being vicious with one another (as you can see from this photo).

That’s it for now – I’m off to bed!