Mini Vacation!

I won’t be checking email for the next few days as I’ll be on vacation in the Berkshires. On Tuesday we have the first go round of wedding dress shopping with my Mom, Jeff’s Mom, and Jeff’s Grandmother- should be fun 🙂

My cousin Lila finally had her baby boy on Sunday morning. His name is Rowan and he’s a total peanut! More photos to come late next week.

Happy 4th of July weekend!


Becky & Vince

On Sunday I assisted Carla Ten Eyck at Vince & Becky’s wedding in south western Connecticut. It was a great day although we sometimes got laughing so hard we couldn’t stop….we kind of feed off of each other’s humor.

We started the day at the salon where everyone got dolled up. Carla has the photos from our next stop – the deli. It was funny to see everyone’s expressions as they watched the veil go by – the photos look like they should be on a greeting card.

Vince and Becky got married at the Candlewood Inn in Brookfield, right on the shores of Candlewood lake.

A beaming Mom admires her daughter….

Vince waits for Becky at the end of the aisle…

Every detail of the wedding was coordinated to fit in with their beach theme.

The women wore beautiful black dresses with red accents – nicely set off by the flowers.

We did it!

I love Dad’s expression as he leads everyone in clapping for the newlyweds

Mom of the bride holds her Husband’s and Son’s hands during the formals

Carla snaps away at the groomsmen

This kid was a total ticket. He and his Brother were ring bearer/bell ringer for the ceremony (it was his Brother’s 9th birthday so Vince and Becky organized a cake to be brought out during dinner). Later in the evening while the band was playing he decided he wanted to get involved so he walked right up in front of the band. The quick thinking singer handed him a tambourine and for an hour he just happily played the tambourine and cow bell – organizing himself a chair when need be and standing and dancing at other times.

Another well planned detail – the names of tables were all beaches of some significance to the people sitting at those tables. The table that we ate at was named for the beach where Carla and her Husband got married and where Vince & Becky did their engagement shoot – Carla was so blown away and touched they remembered.

Carla – thanks for a great day – you rock!

Anna & Ben

On Saturday I had the opportunity to assist Justin & Mary at a wedding they were shooting outside of Hartford. They are both awesome photographers and it always interesting to shoot with someone new and learn what their style is. I knew immediately why couples are lucky to get them – they are never intrusive but always present to catch the right moments, they go out of their way to be thoughtful and help out when needed, and they have such great energy to keep things going. You guys are AWESOME.

The ceremony was at Anna’s childhood church down the street from her parent’s house and then the reception was at The Bond in downtown Hartford – amazing views.

I always knew I loved weddings but being able to watch them unfold from beginning to end is such an honor. Anna and Ben were such a fun couple to work with and so comfortable and non stressed the day of – it was great to see them really enjoy the day and take it all in.

We started the morning at Anna’s parent’s house….

Anna’s beautiful gown.

A proud Mom. Her face says it all.

I had a lump in my throat behind the camera watching this scene unfold and the expression of happiness on Ben’s face when he first caught site of Anna – WOW.

An awesome idea for simple aisle decoration

We did it!

It was fun to catch Anna checking out her new ring….her bridesmaids wanted to see 🙂

Ben’s super proud Mom – I love the look of sheer joy on her face

Mary looking super stylish with her SHOOTSAC

No hiding from the photographers!

This was one of my favorite moments of the day. It was getting towards the end of formals and everyone was a bit tired and hungry. Justin directed Ben to “swoop” Anna and he did just that. She was so taken by surprise – I love the expression on his face – pure adoration.

Their beautiful cake….

Fun times had by all – you guys are DA BOMB!


Thanks for the photo Millie!


Last night we had a great PUG meeting at Steve Depino’s house in Guilford. Millie Holloman (a photographer from North Carolina) generously shared her experiences with us and provided a lot of value. After the meeting broke up we helped kick off the million faces campaign – an initiative started by Justin and Mary (our fearless leaders) or Imagine Imaging.

Today I’m assisting on a bridal shoot with Carla Ten Eyck and Steve Depino – I’m psyched.

Tomorrow I’m unplugging myself to re-connect with the men in my life – my fiance Jeff and my dog Strider. We’ll be in the Berkshires chilling out and I can’t wait.

Saturday I am going to assist Mary and Justin in a wedding they’re shooting and Sunday I am assisting Carla Ten Eyck on another wedding.

A busy weekend coming up but I’m psyched for each and every day. I’ll come up for air with a full report on Monday.

Have a great weekend,


Fishing Derby!

Hi there,

Sorry for my absence – I drove up to Vermont on Friday night and have been photographing the Lake Champlain International Fishing Derby from sun up to sun down since! The derby closed at noon today so I’m in the midst of editing photos – will hopefully have a slideshow up by tomorrow night. It was a fun weekend and the weather cooperated although it was a bit warm for the fishies. I certainly enjoyed myself and learned A LOT about derbies and fishing in general.

Back to editing!


I took the image above near Chimney Point (a bridge between Vermont & New York on Lake Champlain). The sunrise and sunsets both nights were phenomenal as there were storms moving through – summer light is just incredible.