Pay It Forward

I saw the movie a few years ago and although I don’t quite remember the storyline I definitely took to heart the message to pay it forward. When someone does something nice for you return the favor to someone else. It doesn’t have to be the same thing, just keep spreading the love.

Tonight my tire blew out on 91 North at rush hour. Unfortunately it wasn’t west coast rush hour when cars are going slowly but east coast rush hour when there are a ton of cars (and unfortunately trucks) speeding home and unfortunately it happened on the driver’s side of the car.

I know how to change a tire but the notch on my jack was bent and thus kept slipping out of place. Two people went out of their way and stopped to help me change my tire. It was so kind of them – I’m sure they had somewhere to be but they took time out of their day to make sure I was o.k and stayed until my spare was on.

I’m sure people go out of their way all the time for you be it large or small so I just ask you to pay it forward and be a good Samaritan when someone needs it. Be it helping to change a tire, offering some encouragement to someone going through a tough time, or doing something that was not asked of you- keep spreading the love….it makes the world go round.


Fun Dinner

Jeff and I just got home from a fun spontaneous dinner with Carla, Justin & Mary, and Paul. It’s pretty amazing – I’ve known these people since February and such incredible friendships have sprung up.

Tomorrow Carla is moving her studio so today we did some serious purging and she did a PHENOMENAL job of letting so much go. Even though she teases me and tells me I’m a taskmaster I know she feels great that she unloaded so many unnecessary things.

Justin and Mary stopped by in the middle of the afternoon and Mary and Carla were joking that Justin and I were like the angel and devil. I was on one shoulder encouraging her to purge and Justin was on the other shoulder going “well what if you need it? couldn’t you use it?” Luckily due to my powers of persuasion and my evil eyes won out most of the time 🙂

I get on such a high when things are organized and in their place and I love bringing that excitement and energy to other people and helping them move past the stuff and onto what’s really important.

Thank you guys for such a fun dinner – see you tomorrow for our rockstar photo shoot 🙂

Ricky & Annie’s Wedding (100th Post!!)

The country bumpkins (+ an extra black lab) journeyed into the city for Ricky and Annie’s wedding on August 18th. Ricky was one of our roommates in college and we’ve enjoyed getting to know Annie these past few years.

The handsome groom with his best man (Annie’s Brother) before the ceremony

Caught you!

Their dog Boomer was a part of the ceremony and Annie’s roommate was the official Boomer handler (it said so on the program!)

The flowergirls and ring bearers were SO cute

The beautiful bride

The pastor joked after giving much of his homily that they had probably not absorbed any of it because they had “wedding brain.” He waved his hand in front of their faces to see 🙂

Mr. & Mrs. Yu!

I love the way the light falls across this bridesmaid’s hair

A lighthearted moment during the formals

Ricky and Annie gave a nod to the past by imitating the old school serious wedding photos – “no one smile – everyone look serious” Ricky yelled.

For two years in college my friends dubbed me Snow White and her seven dwarfs. Here are the dwarfs I lived with. Some of their names were messy, noisy, sleepy, messy, noisy, messy, and Jeff. Looking back I’m not quite sure how I survived the level of chaos and mess (especially dirty dishes in the sink) but looking back we had a ball and I’ll admit when I moved into my own apartment after college it seemed WAY too quiet (don’t tell the dwarfs I said that)

The beautiful table settings at Chelsea Piers

They took more formals overlooking the Hudson River on Pier Sixty

Annie and Ricky did two things I’ve never seen before. The first was adding to the tradition of kissing whenever people clink their glasses. They would do that, but if the crowd didn’t feel like they did a good enough job a married couple would come to the dance floor and demonstrate and then Annie and Ricky would have to follow suit. This was the grand finale – Ricky upside down being held by groomsmen kissing his beautiful bride 🙂

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many single girls at a wedding! For the bouquet toss Annie stood in the middle of a circle of her friends and twirled one way while the circle twirled the other while the band played. When the music stopped she tossed the bouquet!

Thank you both for such a wonderful evening – we hope to see you soon!


Fun Weekend at the Lake

We just returned from a great weekend in the Berkshires. My Dad and his wife Annie were in town with my Aunt June who is visiting all the way from Sydney, Australia. June went kayaking for the first time (and yes of course we went and checked out the beavers) and we had some great dinners always featuring tomatoes from my Dad’s garden and yummy bottle(s!) of wine. Australia is too far away so we don’t get to see that branch of the family nearly enough…we miss you already June!

Strider laps up one of the last weekends of summer

Happy family gathered on the dock

Strider is sometimes too lazy to jump back up on the dock so he rests himself under the dock on a rock

Because the water level in the lake has dropped a few inches Strider is once again timid about hurling himself off the dock and into the lake. Jeff was trying to encourage him but it just got Strider excited.

Really excited 🙂

We got invited out on a cocktail cruise of the lake last night – very civilized 🙂 If I ever own a boat I want one of those flags.

Happy Summer!

6 Month Session

I had a great 6 month session with the Tyson family the other night. I shot Julie’s maternity pictures and also their son when he was three months old. He has gotten so much more animated and is one smiley man.

His blue eyes are just stunning

Happy family…

I love this photo (as evidenced by my blog header!)

Wow – this world is a pretty neat place!

This photo was too precious not to put in. He is channeling Elvis with that lip curl 🙂

My favorite from our last session in April

That was fun – I’m sure the next time I see you he’ll be crawling all over the place and we’ll have to keep up with him 🙂