Out of the Country – April 26-May 3rd

This is your history test for the day. In honor of my Mom’s 60th birthday my Brother and I are taking her on a family trip to the country above (hint…it’s in Europe).

I don’t travel a lot in the first place but for this trip we’ve done pretty much no planning at all (intentionally!). We have hotel reservations for the first two nights and the last night and other than that we’re going to wing it and see how it goes.

I cannot guarantee I’ll have email so if I don’t I’ll respond to all inquiries when I return. Have a great week!


An unexpected visitor!

When we got back from our run a few nights ago Jeff looked out the window and spotted this guy sauntering across our yard. Thankfully he doesn’t move very fast so I was able to grab my zoom lens and run outside. Thankfully also he didn’t bite me….I tried not to get too close as he was panting and seemed to be drooling a little. Ugh – not a good sign! Strider was safely inside.

This is NOTHING compared to what Carla is going through right now- CHECK IT OUT

Extended birthday fun

Since Carla and I were both out of town for our birthdays we decided to have a little BBQ/ marshmallow roast to celebrate after the fact. It was another beautiful spring night and we were able to be outside – yay!

Carla’s adorable little monkey Jack

And her other adorable little monkey Georgie. Georige LOVES when Strider comes to visit and calls me Amanda Harris as in “Is Amanda Harris coming over today? Amanda Harris what are you doing?” It is pretty stinking cute.

Steve – don’t worry – you’ll grow taller some day.

Birthday girls 🙂

I borrowed Paul & Krystal’s 1.2 lens- let’s just say I didn’t want to give it back!

Nikki Nicole took these next two of me snoogling with my pooch

Ok – birthday celebrations for humans are officially over for another year 🙂

Ashley & Mark – Engagement

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing Ashley and Mark in and around Mystic, Connecticut. They will be getting married in September at the Noank Baptist Church and after meeting them I am even MORE excited to photograph their wedding (if it’s possible!)

Before our photo shoot they met with their minister who asked them each why they loved the other. Ashley answered “because he makes me laugh.” How true it was! Throughout the whole session I just had to sit back and let them interact – their chemistry and love for each other shone through in their expressions and body language….and I just snapped away!

We started out in the Noank Baptist Church – a beautiful light filled church just blocks away from the water.

I love the lines and also their expressions in this one

Out behind the church we found a cool fence and nice even lighting 🙂

Mark has the best expressions when he is looking at Ashley

We went down to the water and tried not to get blown off the dock – it was SO windy!

Into downtown Mystic for an ice cream soda 🙂

Ashley isn’t exactly a serious person. By that I mean it is impossible for her to stop smiling and laughing. This is the closest we got to a serious/moody expression….she said her face hurt from trying not to laugh 🙂

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image. The way her dress is poofed out from the wind, the light between them, the rocks, the sky – I just love it 🙂

On tippy toes for a kiss!

Enjoy your slideshow!

Ashley and Mark – it was such a pleasure to meet and photograph you – I am SO excited for your wedding! Have a great weekend with your family and a safe trip home.


Invitation Stuffing!

Jeff and I got our invitations back from the calligrapher last week and have been busy stuffing them and getting them ready to go out the door 🙂

One trick for brides: number your response cards in pencil on the back. If you don’t you risk getting a response card back that says: “we are so excited and can’t wait to see you!!!” That’s lovely, but who sent it??? Instead of playing detective with the postmark better to number them and then consult your spreadsheet (yes of course I have a spreadsheet!!)

We were originally going to send them on May 12th but then realized the postage goes up that day 🙂 Of course I’m impatient now too so we’re planning to send them on May 6th – my Dad thinks it’s better to send them on an even day so we’re going with it 🙂

I’ll blog the final design in late May once we know most people’s have arrived!

Tonight I’m heading to the shore for an engagement session with Ashley and Mark – they are getting married in Mystic in September. Since they are from California I haven’t met them yet so I’m so psyched because the weather is beautiful and we can go hang out on the beach! Have a good night everyone!