Ben & Hedda – Engagement Photo Safari :)

On Sunday on my way back to Connecticut I detoured to Canaan, NH to meet up with Ben & Hedda for their engagement shoot. Ben & Hedda are getting married on July 5th on the North Fork of Long Island and if it was possible, after hearing about all the details I am even MORE excited to be shooting it.

When the words BBQ, folk band, and wedding by the ocean were mentioned I was sold – then I find out that instead of a cake there will be ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Forgive me Ben & Hedda – I know the name of them rhymes but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called! I think Louie is involved but when I google Chewy Louie it comes up with a dog biscuit so maybe I’m on the wrong track…. We did have a sample of these delectable treats over dinner though and they are yummy.

Needless to say it takes a special couple to bring me out of what I’m sure will be a pre-wedding whirlwind (Jeff and I are getting married the next weekend) but I just couldn’t possibly say no – I’m SO psyched!

We started at Hedda’s parents house (Strider & Brody hung out with their two goldens and had a grand time) and basically toured the town from there. We started referring to it as a photo safari 🙂

This was a series in the first ten pictures I snapped – I knew we were going to have a good time 🙂


Ben & Hedda feel like if two people are engaged they should both outwardly acknowledge it by wearing rings – I think this makes a lot of sense. We’ll see if this starts a trend in the future…..

We knew we wanted to incorporate the lake. At first they sat on some stairs lakeside while I waded in with my jeans rolled up and thankfully didn’t fall down. After that I was sporting quite the look as you can imagine 🙂

We then retreated to higher ground….a neighbor’s dock. Did I mention Hedda & Ben know EVERYONE on Main Street in Canaan – we had people waving to us, inviting us to use their houses – it was pretty funny 🙂

We took one neighbor up on their offer when I saw this barn.

Did I mention Ben is allergic to the woods and blossoms? He held up remarkably well 🙂

I’m not usually into really funky textures on my photos but this one I like.

This wheel is on the main street and Hedda and Ben admitted they had never been up close to it. So we decided to get up, close, AND personal 🙂

After finishing part 1 of our safari we did a costume change, powered up with a snack, and headed off to hike Mt. Cardigan. This was my first time hiking a mountain for a photo shoot but the view was well worth the effort.

We had fun playing with shadows.

Young children do not be scared by this photo – it is merely Ben imitating a monster 🙂

I love the scope of this one

The photo safari team….thank you camera timer 🙂

Enjoy your slideshow – I can’t WAIT for the wedding….and before that the rehearsal dinner 🙂


Last week I was in Vermont for wedding meetings, client meetings, and shoots – more to come later this week. For now these are my personal photos 🙂

The lilacs were in bloom…..yum.

My Mom cut them for me and put them in my room 🙂

It cracks me up when Strider sniffs the air 🙂

The light all last week was particularly beautiful clouds, bright blue skies, dramatic sunsets- SO pretty!

Being in Vermont and hanging out with our neighbor’s dog was pretty tiring for Brody – he took a lot of naps 🙂

On Thursday I met Daria for lunch and some shopping in Burlington – we hit up a sale at the Shoe Shop (Dansko’s for $80….I got a new pair!!), stopped by the camera store and ended up staying for about an hour (the guy there was SO nice in answering all of our questions and telling us the latest and greatest), and capped it off with a trip to Ben & Jerry’s (new peanut butter cookie dough flavor = yum. peanut butter cookie dough in a fresh waffle cone = yummier!). After all those adventures we headed back to my house so the pooches could frolic around 🙂

Brody’s up!

Someone led someone else down (who knows who was the instigator!) on an adventure to a nearby pond. The problem was – we had no idea where the dogs had gone 🙁 We finally found them after each heading off in separate directions and they were all pretty muddy and wet. This is Yeti – Daria’s dog who is MUCH taller than my shrimpy dog 🙂

Yep – time for another nap.

I love this image – fun composition and a stinkin’ handsome model!

Daria in the grass!

My friend Nia came over for dinner so we headed down to the beach to enjoy the light and look for stones.

The light was shining in a valley across the lake and the sky was the best blue

Later during dinner it was pouring but the sun was shining through the clouds creating AMAZING light.

Did I mention the light was amazing?

I’m happy to be home now with both of my boys (and Brody makes three!) and other than a weekend visit to my Dad’s this weekend we’re staying put for awhile!


Tyson Family + 1!

The other day I stopped by the Tyson’s household to meet their newest addition – Samuel Clark! I’ve been photographing Nate since he was about three months old – now he’s a big Brother! Sam was thirteen days old and is already lifting his head up and peering around it his world – what a cutie!

Mom snuggling with Sam

He was awake almost the whole time – I think he felt like a star with all the clicking!



Cutie patootie little baby belly

Happy family

Life happens…… 🙂

Dad & Sam

Nate with his moose

Near the end of the visit we checked on the puppies in the car – thankfully both they and Nate were gentle with each other!

Oh yeah everyone – that’s right – I’m the coolest big Brother around!

Finally snoozing 🙂

Teeny tiny fingers!

Nate checking out “his baby” – so cute!

Hey can you wake up so we can play?

Trip to Vermont!

I’m up in Vermont for the week to have some wedding meetings and do some shoots. Jeff’s bachelor party is this weekend so I had to clear out of town 🙂

Yesterday I had (another!) dress fitting – one more to go. Then in the afternoon we had an on-site meeting with the caterer, tent company, bar guy, and florist so everyone is officially on the same page! We are definitely zooming in on the little details now – fleshing things out for the ceremony and the overall schedule of the day. I’m still determined to leave as little as humanly possible for the last minute!

I’m at the local coffee and wine shop answering emails since we only have dial up at home 🙁

After this I’m off to have lunch and spend the afternoon hanging out with Daria! We have been meaning to get together for a long time so it will be fun to catch up!

I saw this funny sign on the drive up 🙂


Have a great week!

Boxes boxes everywhere…..

So wedding presents have started to arrive and we are now best friends with our UPS man (I’m not sure he is so happy about it!).

The other night Jeff came home and literally couldn’t get in the front door as this big box was blocking the way 🙂

To illustrate the girth of this box Strider and I decided to hide inside 🙂

Our recycling team will also become very familiar with our house as we attempt to discard all the packing material and break down the boxes – thankfully we have a guest room which serves as a holding station so boxes don’t get rained on and soggy 🙂

This week Strider and I are heading up to Vermont and getting out of town while Jeff has his bachelor party 🙂 I can only imagine what will await us when we return home!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!