Sarah’s Bachelorette

My friend Sarah is getting married in early September on the Cape, and last weekend a group of ladies gathered in Newport for a soiree in honor of her. It was a great day of beach time, good wine, good food, and fun people. I am SO excited to shoot her wedding and especially for the getaway….which will be on a vespa 🙂

Sarah is a children’s fashion designer and I always consult her on all issues style and otherwise 🙂 She took a break from children’s design to design my wedding dress which unfortunately I can’t show you until next week 🙂 She was also the one who found the bridesmaid dresses. In short – the girl’s got style 🙂

Of course I made her wear the bachelorette crown….at least for one picture 🙂

Yum – cosmos 🙂

I see pink paper!

Victoria’s Secret developed this line that is pretty cute – some items are more risque than others 🙂

Sorry – the item in this box that elicited this reaction is not blog appropriate 🙂 (don’t worry…it wasn’t that bad!)

Double brides 🙂

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to enjoy some desserts a friend sent who couldn’t make it. Sarah was TERRIFIED that we would hire a stripper and made us promise that we wouldn’t. Of course we didn’t but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun.

Our hotel was right on the harbor in Newport above a bar. We spied a few men down there and convinced them to come up and knock on the door and let Sarah figure out the rest.

Here she runs across the room in sheer HORROR after slamming the door in their faces 🙂

But don’t worry – Deb quickly let them in and made them feel welcome (we thought the uniforms were a nice touch)

And once Sarah realized that they were just friendly Navy men and not strippers we convinced her to have her picture taken 🙂

Needless to say we were all hysterically laughing as we watched the situation unfold!!!

Sarah – I can’t wait for your wedding!!! The photographer and friend in me are both VERY excited.



It has been a BUSY few weeks and I have lots of blogging to catch up on – I apologize for my absence. I’m up in VT for the last time now before the wedding but head back to Connecticut today to get all my ducks in a row so I can relax next week!

Last week I photographed Renee – a curious and inquisitive 3 year old who doesn’t stay still for very long. I told her Mom I don’t know how she keeps up with her but she does – and with a smile!


Doing some ballet

More jumping….in the most tiniest of puddles 🙂


She has beautiful eyelashes

It was great to see you!!

Yoga Photos

Last week while I was up in Vermont I shot some photos for my good friend and yoga teacher Heidi. Heidi’s website launched a few weeks ago and she wanted to get some updated shots of her doing yogic poses and also get an updated headshot.

We met before her morning class and headed outside to capture her in the sunlight on the land around All Souls Interfaith Gathering – where she teaches one of her classes.

Next to Lake Champlain (and trying to avoid poison ivy!)

She realized how hard it is to find your center when the ground is uneven!

I love this one – I couldn’t even begin to get into that position!

Heidi is also teaching a yoga class for me and some friends on the morning of our wedding. I think it will be a great opportunity to take a breath, collect my thoughts, and just start the day positively – I can’t wait!

If you are interested in yoga with Heidi CONTACT HER for more info.

Thanks Heidi!


Karbon Family

The other day I stopped by to see the Karbon family and their new arrival Jay. Big brother Henry has grown up so much since I last photographed him, and his new Brother Jay is a spitting image…beautiful full lips and cheeks and lots of hair 🙂

Henry checking out his little brother

Those lips….those eyes!

Jay was pretty sleepy during most of our visit

He was sleepy enough to let us roll him onto his side

Snuggling with Mom after a little top off

While Jay was being fed Henry and I went and played under his favorite tree

LOOK! A tractor!

Beautiful eyelashes

Have a wonderful summer – hope to see you in the fall!


I was thrilled to find out a few months ago that a wedding I shot last fall with Steve DePino had been chosen for the Real Weddings section of Brides Connecticut. Sarah and Jerry were so fun to work with and had SUCH a beautiful wedding – it was great to see them be featured.

Thanks again to Steve – hope we can shoot together again sometime soon!