Denny Family

On Saturday morning I headed over to see the Denny family. Carter and I have been friends since Kindergarten and I’ve spent too much time to count with her family over the years. Anywho the Denny’s are just about the nicest kindest funniest family in the world so we had a great time bee bopping around their neighborhood.

Exhibit 1: Our first playdate (don’t you just LOVE my pink lipstick applied so carefully and my pilgrim hat?) Yep……I was STYLIN’!

We’ve had about a zillion sleepovers since 1987…

And we still like wearing matching clothes…..just kidding 🙂

And now back to our previously scheduled photo shoot!

They wanted to take photos around their neighborhood so we did just that!

Shortly after this picture was taken a security guard came up and told us to scram – apparently since 9/11 you have to sign in to many public places if you want to take a photo….we just moved on!

Carter’s sister Liza (on the left) is pregnant and Carter and Louise are just a WEEEE bit excited for the birth of their niece or nephew 🙂

My favorite of the day – good looking family and everyone looks happy.

Our final spot for the day. After this we went home for Breck’s (on the far left) birthday luncheon….it was super yummy and fortified me for the 90th birthday party ahead!


Ginny’s 90th Birthday Party!

On Saturday afternoon I was at The Yale Club in New York City to shoot a 90th birthday party – a first for me! One of my favorite parts about attending milestone events is learning more about the person being celebrated. Ginny’s whole family and many friends had come out to support her and hearing their stories and memories was just so touching.

Beautiful flowers set the tone

A great toast by her son

The lady of the hour!

And one of her good friends

A cute great grandson who stole the show!

I was kind of hoping there would be 90 candles but it didn’t happen 🙂

And the mother of all group shots! I loved the room they gave us to do formal photographs in – it felt very regal!

Happy Birthday Ginny – it was a pleasure getting to know you and your family!

First E-Newsletter Sent!

Last night I crossed off my list something I’ve been meaning to do for A LONG time…..create an e-newsletter and send it out into the world! To receive future email correspondence from Orchard Cove look to the right and add your name to the newsletter list.

I’m not yet sure how often I’ll send them out – but now that I’ve done it once I know in the future it will be that much easier!


I just finished a really good book that I’d highly recommend. I love reading but unfortunately it’s been a long time since I’ve read a really good one that I didn’t want to put down….this is it!

And (I feel like a huge dork saying this) it made me want to get back into knitting. I started my craftiness as a middle schooler with cross stitch and needlepoint projects and took up quilting in college. I’ve knit before but my stitches are always way too tight and I get frustrated.

But today I visited my local knitting shop and received some pointers on what I was doing wrong. So I’m off an running on a simple scarf just to get me back into it. Hopefully after that I’ll tackle more difficult projects!

Go read!

PS – Isn’t it just THE WORST when you finish a great book and wish there was more. Harumph! Now I have to find a new great book 🙂 Anyone have any suggestions?

The battle against the leaves!

At this time of year all over New England the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange. The next step though is for all of them to fall off the trees and onto the ground.

Yesterday was a crisp fall day and Jeff and I spent the day doing what many homeowners all over New England are doing these next few weeks – picking up leaves. I was on stick and hauling the leaf bags to the curb patrol….Jeff was steering the mulching push mower. We did the front yard and both felt pretty great about our progress.

See…..VERY few leaves!

Then…..we looked up.

And noticed all those pretty leaves that will make their way to the ground in the next few weeks and totally wipe out any progress we’ve made 🙂 Yesterday we only had five bags….I have a feeling our tally will be much higher by the end of November!

Meet our helper. He drags sticks around.

And keeps us motivated by looking cute 🙂

Happy fall!