Fun with my cousins.

Now headed out to dinner with jeff's family….the eating doesn't stop
this week!!

Hot cocoa after skating in California :$

Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Head on over to the rocking wedding blog Style Me Pretty to check out a feature on shoes that includes Adrienne’s fabulous Stuart Weitzman shoes from her October 4th wedding at The Inn at Round Barn Farm.

A shout out to The Marantzs’ and Steve DePino for also being featured

Knight Family

It was a year ago I last saw The Knight Family.

This time it was a very rainy dreary Tuesday when I went over to play with Little N who will turn 3 on Christmas. Good thing the rain didn’t dampen her spirits at all – she bee bopped around the house wanting to show me this and that and we had a lovely time!

We started at her drawing table where she showed me her roll of Princess stickers.

Then up to her room where she recently stuck colorful dots on the wall to represent her dreams

Time for bed and snuggles?

Heck no! There’s way too much fun to be had to waste time sleeping!

We wanted to get their dog Cisco in a few shots but he blocked Mom 🙂

Next we went to the “big kid bed”

I told N that because I was over she was allowed to jump on the bed and she did just that yelling “breaking the rules! Breaking the rules!”

Cisco was the center of attention for awhile 🙂

Rain rain go away. Don’t come back another day.

Her Grandmother came over with some shells to identify from her recent trip to Sanibel Island. N was fascinated and very studious as she matched them to the photos on the leaflet.

Last year their favorite picture was one of N laughing so we decided to tickle her and see if we could elicit a similar response 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful time at your party and a happy Thanksgiving!

Let it rest and then dig in!!!

Happy turkey day!!