Strider and Buzz… buds.

Earlier this week my friend Paige and I went walking with the pooches. The light was so rich I grabbed my camera and had some fun documenting Strider and his friend Buzzy.

Buzzy was a shelter dog found on Pet Finder

We joke that he’s part wolf. “Buzzy – speak!”

Waiting patiently for treats 🙂

My pooch has mad ups 🙂 “Strider – give me 10”

Most of the time they are mellow and just sniff around and hang out but every once in awhile they get the whizzies and madly chase after each other. Needless to say it makes our day and makes us smile….dogs are great therapy when you’re having a bad day!

Buzzy has many spots on his nose 🙂

And got a bit muddy playing, running, and swimming in the river. Now that everything is melting it’s quite mucky where we go walking!

Buzzy loves playing keep away with sticks 🙂

Mom this is mine and I’m NOT giving it back!

I usually keep my post processing pretty simple but I decided to play around with this image a bit 🙂

Happy Weekend!

Dog is my co-pilot!!

Lakehouse Winter Weekend!

Jeff and I headed up to the lakehouse this weekend for a quiet winter break! Strider was psyched to have his friend Brody visiting for the weekend and they had a good time romping around in the snow 🙂

Brody likes to stretch out through the snow and eat it….very yummy 🙂

Cute Mr. Pooperface

Is it just me or does Strider look wolflike?

Snuggle time!

I was going to touch up Strider’s hair across his nose but thought it was a cute detail – they are bestest buds 🙂

You talking about me?

Yeah yeah more pictures hold still I know the drill

I need a nap.

Being a model is exhausting!

Can’t I just have a treat now please?

If you hold the bag of treats right next to the camera I will give you my full attention!

Strider doesn’t know it but on Sunday night we are going to visit his cousin doggies Grit & Cole before heading up to VT for a few days…..he is going to be a pretty excited pooch!

Published in Vermont Vows!

It was fun to get the latest issue of Vermont Vows and see a photo of mine inside!

Randi Nonni of Silver Toad Floral Design did a beautiful job with the flowers at Ty & Lindsay’s wedding so it was nice to see the results of both of our work featured! Ty is a big fisherman so Lindsay bought a bass charm for Randi to attach to his boutonniere – a very unique detail!

We also got a kick out of seeing one of our wedding photos featured in Daria’s ad!

It’s an issue packed full of great ideas and inspiration so go buy it today!

Knitting Update!

So since my 1st hat i.e. mitten I’ve been busily perfecting my technique and knitting away!

I took a class at my awesome local knitting store Creative Fibers to learn how to knit in the round.

Have you seen those adorable little vegetable and fruit hats for little kids? This is the pattern for those hats….except I don’t really know how to make the strawberry seeds yet 🙂 So my next hat will probably be two colors but not be a recognizable vegetable or fruit. Basically I am trying to restrain myself from buying more yarn when I still have some that hasn’t been knitted…we’ll see how long I can resist 🙂

My poor dog who loves his Mom but loves the treats he gets after posing even more 🙂

And the hats I knitted before my first one “in the round” (with the mitten thrown in the there for scale purposes!)

Happy knitting 🙂