We’re back!

We got home last night from our wonderful, amazing, relaxing, yum yum yum honeymoon one year later 🙂

While I’m beginning to sort through my 1200 pictures I picked two…..of course they have to do with food! We started in Venice and ate and drank our way through Italy…..I highly recommend it.

More to come!

Pizza pizza.

Gelato in Piazza San Marco

Kurt & Beth’s Old Wethersfield Engagement Shoot

Yesterday I met up with Kurt and Beth in Old Wethersfield for their engagement shoot. I’d never been to this town before but it is ADORABLE – so old school with lots of fun buildings and nooks to shoot in. Kurt and Beth are getting married at Hildene in September – it should be a very fun day if their e-shoot is any indication 🙂

Did I mention there were some awesome walls?

They were so relaxed in front of the camera and even Kurt seemed to have fun 🙂

Springtime and pretty flowers!

One of my favorites so far this year. I love the shape of Beth’s dress and their expressions

This is Kurt surprising me 🙂 I love how the fence and the walkway lead up to them.

The back alley of the State Farm insurance agency 🙂 (thank you for trusting me!)

Love Kurt’s expression juxtaposed with the peeling wall.

This is the local ice cream parlor – this was where a wind machine would have come in handy 🙂

Thank you both so much! I’ll see you soon!

Jenusaitis Family

This little lady is nine months old and cute as a button. She was in town visiting her grandparents so we arranged a little shoot. Despite skipping her nap she lasted incredibly well and gave us lots of smiles….and those cheeks!

Enjoy 🙂

This was a BIG hit 🙂

And she’s flexible too!

Love this interaction with Mom & Dad (she was really hoping to eat the flower!)

Um actually did you talk to my agent?

No? Well in that case enough of this….I’m out

Dan & Elizabeth’s Boston Engagement Shoot

I drove to Boston last week to meet up with Liz & Dan who are getting married in June at The Gibbet Hill Grill & Barn in Groton, MA. They are such a fun couple and Dan cracks both of us up so I know it will be a fun day – I can’t wait!

Fun snuggling and pretty blossoms – what could be better?

A little Naked Gun tribute

Dan showed me that he could do this neat trick so I ran with it 🙂

Clearly they are both accomplished ballet dancers 🙂

I love finding beauty in back alleys that people have never been to…..the cobblestones were super pretty! The models weren’t bad either 🙂

Can’t wait to be there in a little more than a month!

Enjoy your slideshow! (and a second Naked Gun tribute!)

Christine & Nick – New Haven Engagement Shoot

Last week I met Christine and Nick in Farnham Gardens in New Haven, where they got engaged. They are getting married at the Branford House in July and I can’t wait to see how all the details come together! On to the photos!

They got engaged under this tree 🙂

Yeah I mean come on how cute are they 🙂

Love this one

Of course it’s springtime so we had to take advantage of the pretty blossoms

We found this fun wall in a local park – the park was deserted and we had fun walking around the greenhouses and exploring

Thanks for an awesome afternoon!

Enjoy your slideshow!