Heidi’s Baby Shower

My cousin Heidi is pregnant and due in September with her first child – a little girl…..we are all so thrilled to welcome this new family member!

Last week we got together at All Souls for her baby shower

Ms. Mirabelle immediately spotted the hungry caterpillar and loved carrying it around 🙂

Pink jelly beans to welcome a little girl!

And a tractor (we are in Vermont after all!!) sits atop the brownies!

She has the most amazing blue eyes!

The guest of honor with our cousin Lila of Ruby Lu fame!

Marilyn Heidi’s Mom said a few words that had us all wiping our eyes – she talked about the importance of women and mothers in our lives

Ms. Mirabelle was the official helper 🙂

The clothes were out of control cute

Tree hugger 🙂

Heidi with a handmade Ruby Lu bib

Remember Hedda?

Mirabelle kindly performed quality control on all of the presents 🙂

I loved this little card that someone hand painted.

Our other cousin made this sweater….we are quite a crafty family 🙂

The breast pump was a big hit 🙂

Heidi & Ave – We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate with you when your little girl comes into the world!!!


Jeff & Meryl’s Jonathan Edwards Winery Wedding

Meryl & Jeff – July 18, 2009
Venue: Jonathan Edwards Winery
Caterer: Gourmet Galley
Florist: Anderson’s Garden
DJ: Power Posse
Meryl’s Dress: Romona Keveza via Kleinfeld’s
Jeff’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse
Chocolates: Divine Treasures

Jeff and Meryl are simply wonderful – I just need to start with that! They are two of the kindest, most giving, sweetest people I’ve met thus far and it was a blast and an honor to be with them as they joined together formally in marriage. Meryl & Jeff are both accomplished yogis as you may remember from their engagement shoot so they just had a presence about them throughout the day that really shined outwards and put everyone else at ease.

During the whole night they both kept checking in with me and Julia asking if we needed anything, were doing ok, were having a good time, etc. etc. – just so thoughtful.

I could go on and on but I have a feeling the pictures will show better than I could put into words what I mean.

We started the day at the Mystic Hilton by photographing Meryl’s amazing gown

Like many of the brides I work with Meryl is NOT a makeup person and wore very little the day of. It’s funny that many of my brides are like me – they bought and learned about makeup in order to wear it for their wedding 🙂 Meryl’s sister did most of her makeup but Meryl put the finishing touches on her eyebrows

We headed over to Jonathan Edwards so Meryl could get dressed and ready for her first look with Jeff

This is one of those spontaneous moments that when I pushed the shutter button I had my fingers and toes crossed that it would be in focus. My camera was around my neck and I saw Meryl spinning and brought it up and just clicked.

This shot is so Meryl – radiating and just glowing with happiness!

We met up with Jeff for some portraits in the vineyard. I love the way Meryl’s dress is caught by the wind here.

Again this is so Meryl & Jeff – Meryl laughing out loud and Jeff quietly taking everything in and loving his soon to be wife!

Anderson’s garden did SUCH a great job with the flowers – beautiful colors that just popped!

I loved the design of this card that set off the plates under the tent

Done with all the photos and ready to get married – Meryl heads upstairs to wait for the ceremony to begin

One last dab of lipstick before she heads down the aisle!

Meryl’s parents escort her down the aisle

All the parents were seated next to each other which provided great photographic opportunities

The chuppah was beautiful – Jeff built it and they decorated it with prayer flags and peace cranes.

Love this one of Jeff

The day was PERFECT

Another great Meryl expression

The ring exchange beautifully framed by flowers

Married with a bit of flare!

Their kitty Toshi couldn’t join the fun but was there in spirit….and a picture from the engagement shoot!

The inside of the tent was so vibrant with purple linens, lanterns, and again those beautiful flowers

They had a wishing tree for people to tie notes to

Right before being announced into the reception tent we snuck away for a few more portraits

The light in the vineyard was so pretty

So happy together

One of my favorite first dance shots – I love the visual interest the lanterns provide

A dual parent dance….becoming more popular!

Jonathan Edwards all lit up!

Having some fun out on the dance floor 🙂

A kiss to end the night!

Meryl & Jeff – big hugs and love to you as you continue your life and journey together!


Coozans visit!

Jeff’s cousins came to visit a few weeks ago with their two adorable sons and their dog Annie. They live down near DC so we don’t get to see them as often as we like. Other than our wedding last summer the last time we saw them was in 2007 – needless to say Baby David isn’t quite a baby anymore 🙂

Their golden Annie is so sweet and she and Strider got along famously 🙂

The first morning of their visit we were up early….with the birds 🙂

The good thing about getting up early is you see sights like this – a perfectly calm lake with the sun rising behind me.

Now Annie doesn’t like to swim. So when we threw a stick in the water she did everything possible to grab it without going in 🙂

But then we threw it from the shore and she went right in after Strider no problem….I guess she swims now 🙂

Here David is attempting to stay dry.

Majestic Annie.

David is still pretending to stay dry.

And then it’s all over 🙂 Time for outfit change #1 🙂

About 20 minutes later I was back up at the house and heard a little voice crying for his Mommy. Turns out David had gotten outfit #2 wet from swimming so was streaking across our lawn….I couldn’t resist taking a snap 🙂

This is David’s little Brother Zach who is a very smiley little guy

Thankfully Strider was totally unfazed by Zach and even enjoyed resting his head on Zach’s boppy 🙂

Later that afternoon right before a huge thunder storm rolled in we rushed out to try and get some shots on the grass.

Zach for all his happiness is not a huge fan of tummy time!

So instead we cajoled David into joining him for a few.

But he quickly lost interest and we moved on to the huge frog in the yard

When it leapt away David wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry!

The next morning before I headed off for a wedding Annie regaled us with more leaping into the water. David was delighted.

LOVE this one 🙂

And lastly – David helps by throwing sticks 🙂

It was so great to see you and the little ones!


Christine & Nick’s Branford House Wedding

Today I’m shooting Christine & Nick’s wedding at the Branford House…..can’t wait!!

July 4th at the lake….a few weeks late :)

Well yesterday I spent a few hours editing and backing up my personal photos from the last month so there will be more posts to come 🙂

We spent a glorious long July 4th weekend at the lake. The weather was a bit chilly and windy but it was still a blast!

We love BBQ-ing on the dock when the weather is nice…..I played with a bit of sunflare!


Strider was closely monitoring the situation 🙂

Happy July 4th!

We bought some sparklers to add to the festive mood!

Sailboat races happen every Sunday – they kick off on the weekend of the 4th so you know it’s truly summer!

Jeff has the white sail (and he won!)

Heaven exhibit 2!

Later that day we did some dock jumping with Strider’s friend Luke

He definitely wins the jumping contest 🙂

And the cuteness contest (but only if Strider doesn’t enter!!)

Jeff took a dip with the pooch

And Strider helped to dry him off 🙂

My boys 🙂

The sailboat race begins and ends at this little ones Grandmother’s house so I get to see them regularly 🙂

Abby has the most amazing eyes

May was VERY busy playing memory 🙂

But stopped to give me a huge grin 🙂