Ross & Annie

We just finished going through all of the pictures, and let’s just say that we are BLOWN AWAY.  They are truly spectacular, and we couldn’t be happier!  Amanda, you really are amazing, and you made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.  All of our friends and family were raving about how sweet, easy going, efficient, and generally wonderful you were!  Being able to look at them brings us right back to that day in a way that we didn’t think possible. And as much as we love the pictures, we loved having you there and getting to know you.  We can’t wait to see you again soon! Ross and I truly can’t thank you enough!

Ross & Annie, August 29, 2009

Ross & Annie’s Wedding Weekend!

Eileen and I are headed up to Vermont to celebrate Ross & Annie’s wedding. We’ll be at the rehearsal and dinner tonight and then at the Basin Harbor Club tomorrow for the wedding! Annie & Ross told me a bit about the details for the day and I can’t wait to see how they all come together!

Griffin, Elliot, and Ava

These kids were very fun and loved showing me around their home.

We started in the playroom where Griffin built a marble tower

We decided after a little while that it was just too nice to be inside so we went to re-stock their vegetable stand 🙂

Got to pick more veggies so we don’t run out! (LOVE this image.)

Elliott is almost as tall as the corn 🙂

COME ON – how cute are they.

We sat on the front porch and told some stories

Elliott tried to find the gnome hiding inside my lens 🙂

We finished with painting where everyone got good and messy 🙂

Griffin was pretty psyched to put as much paint as possible on his hand 🙂

When I left they were heading out to check and see if anyone had purchased any veggies. Ahhh….summertime in Vermont 🙂

It was so fun to meet all of you!

Kevin & Alex’s Mountain Top Inn Wedding!

Kevin & Alex – August 15, 2009
Venue: The Mountain Top Inn & Resort, Chittenden, VT
Florist: Blue Toad Flowers
Hair: Five Elements Salon & Day Spa, Rutland, VT
Makeup: Bridesmaid!
Band: Joey Leone’s Chop Shop, Killington, VT
Alex’s Dress: J. Crew
Alex’s Shoes: J. Crew
Alex’s Clutch: Bee Gee Bags
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J. Crew
Cake: Dellveneri’s Bakery
Honeymoon: Italy

This wedding was awesome…..let me just start there 🙂 Awesome people. Amazingly beautiful venue. Simple and elegant flowers. Stellar details. Top to bottom Kevin & Alex knocked it out of the park!

There are tons of pictures so I’ll add additional thoughts as I go 🙂

Alex got ready in “Brookside” – one of the condos for rent from the Mountain Top. Her whole family was swirling around her but she just remained calm and had fun….look how relaxed she is! Brookside is about 2 minutes down the road from the Mountain Top and has beautiful decor and light throughout….a photographer’s dream 🙂

I am seeing more of a trend of fun wedding shoes and I just love it. My bride Megan from this past weekend put it perfectly: “why would I buy white shoes that I’ll never wear again?” Instead add a splash of color and personality.

Alex’s getting ready outfit was beautiful – very bridal but with a fun pop of color. Her bracelet I believe was also J. Crew (and perhaps her getting ready dress as well?) and I’m pretty sure her purse was purchased on Etsy.

I was so excited to finally meet Christina – Alex’s matron of honor. Alex had mentioned that Christina was doing “a few details” for the wedding and she didn’t disappoint – more on that to come.

Christina works for the fabulous Emilie of Emilie Inc. in Maine so she was very tuned in to what we might need to do our job the best – she had all the details at the house for us to photograph and consulted us for the best spot for Alex to do her makeup that would offer beautiful natural light. Christina – I wish every matron of honor was like you!!!

Besides this she stayed cool as a cucumber and was helpful to Alex the whole day – bless your heart!

We headed over to the Inn where Kevin and his guys were getting ready. This was the view from the bridal suite overlooking their ceremony site. Does it get better than this? I think not 🙂

Kevin too was super relaxed and chilled out despite the warm temperatures 🙂

Back over to Alex for the finishing touches of fresh flowers in her hair.

And a few snaps before we headed over to the ceremony.

Come on. How cute is her Grandpa??!!

Alex’s reaction to seeing all her hard work come together in the beautiful tent!

The perfect day for a wedding!

Kevin & Alex recess under a shower of birdseed.

Couples beware!: My assistant, the wonderful Kathleen, said that at one wedding she shot the groom got birdseed in his eye and had to go to the emergency room…..yikes! Thankfully Kevin & Alex escaped unscathed with just a few seeds caught in their hair 🙂

Most couples I work with choose not to do a receiving line so they have more time for pictures or more time for their cocktail hour but I will say this – if you do one outside the candids can be really special.

Kevin & Alex with their guys and gals. Their cocktail hour was really a cocktail hour and a half so we had plenty of time for pictures AND they got to enjoy being with their guests.

I love their expressions 🙂

Pictures done….time to party!

Adorable kids rolling down hill? Check.

As their guests were finding their seats we snuck across the road for a few more portraits to take advantage of the golden glory light.

Love these two (the photos and the couple!) 🙂

Fun shoes + Fun socks = Fun picture 🙂

Kate from Blue Toad did such a nice job with the flowers – very simple but bright and the colors tied in perfectly to the overall decor.

Enter Christina and her eye for design 🙂 I joked with Alex that she had said that there weren’t really any details that I should pay attention to!

All the wedding day paper details tied in with the design of the save the dates (top right) and invitations (bottom right) and included the monogrammed tree with their wedding date. The favors were reusable tote bags and guests were also sent home with a CD of Kevin & Alex’s favorite tunes.

The table names were all mountains in Vermont.

The tote bags were left at each place wrapped with fabric that also adorned the tables

Christina also made a photobooth right outside the tent with a cute chalkboard for messages. Kathleen and I took a photo in it 🙂

I love when couples enjoy and have fun with their first dance 🙂


Alex listens to her Dad’s toast

And reacts to her Brother-in-law’s toast 🙂

One surprise for Kevin & Alex were these cut-outs that were placed in front of the cake. Clearly Alex could rock the leg warmers back in the day 🙂 You can’t really tell in this photo but there was a mini veil attached to Alex 🙂

The kids opened up the dance floor while the adults were finishing their meals.

Joey Leone’s Chop Shop had people on the dance floor all night long – I would HIGHLY recommend them!!!

I’d never heard “Paradise” by the Dashboard light but this was fabulous – the guys and the girls had a sing off and everyone was just cracking up

Kevin & Alex – your wedding was a 2009 highlight – have a fabulous time in Italy and we’ll be in touch soon!!


Holy Risotto Yumminess

I just couldn’t wait….the Risotto was too yummy and rich and fabulous.

Check out the fabulous Naptime blog and Kelsey’s super yum risotto recipe.

Yum yum yummy in my tum tum tummy!

We had some bacon to use up in the fridge so I also fried that up and tossed it in – otherwise we stuck to the recipe although I would say it took us closer to 30 minutes and it was still a wee bit al dente (we got hungry so stopped stirring!). But seriously what an indulgent comfort food recipe. It’s clearly 75 degrees out but this would be a perfect meal for a snowy night 🙂

Enjoy! Thanks Kelsey!