2010 Portrait Favorites : VT Wedding Photographer

I thought Valentine’s Day was an appropriate day to share my favorite portraits of 2010. My goal for portraits is to elicit expressions – I do take a few formal and classic shots but then try to capture couples interacting and soaking in the feeling of being married.
First up is Brian & Ashley who celebrated their first anniversary a few weeks ago 🙂 This picture captures the glee of newlyweds well 🙂

Headed back to the party 🙂

Jacob & Allie were so tickled to be married 🙂

This was a few minutes after Jamie & Carolyn shared their first look. I love the soft spring light and their expressions.

I love the beautiful setting and relaxed pose of Jeanmarie and Jeff

One of my top five favorites overall of 2010 – love Becca’s bare feet and their expressions 🙂

This shot combines body language and the setting of Shelburne Farms where Lauren & Eric got married. Seagulls add some color 🙂

Whitney and Andy taking a few minutes to dance on the dock at their reception 🙂

The first look is always so charged with emotion – James & Sarah were so excited to see one another 🙂

I loved this field that we found for Mary & Aaron’s wedding portraits.

Happy memories of Emily & Sam turning to greet their bridal party after doing their first look 🙂

Avery’s parents painted three sides of the barn and I chose the unpainted side for portraits – I loved the texture and the sweetness in this image

Love the back of Audra’s beautiful dress and a very simple moment

I LOVE this image of Finn & Kate – tradition with a bit of whimsy thanks to the weather 🙂

Happiness of newlyweds Hannah & John plus the details of a family veil and soft fall light

Happy Valentine’s Day!