Alyssa – Operation Love Re-United

Alyssa’s Dad returned from being at sea a few weeks ago so her Mom contacted me via Operation Love Re-United to have some pictures taken. Alyssa is almost a year old and is already walking and acting way older than her age – she’s a hoot and really has quite a personality!

She has such a wide range of expressions that were very fun to photograph.


We braved the chilliness outside on their porch despite the fact that it was raining – it didn’t faze her 🙂

A little bottle right as I was leaving!

Favorite Toy

We've finally taught Sage that she can't play with Strider's favorite
toy….the big ball. Thus Strider is a very happy puppy 🙂

Fia….Almost 6 months!

This past weekend we were up in Vermont meaning that I got a chance to visit my most favorite baby – Fia! She is really changing a lot and becoming so much more animated which makes her very funny to be around. Clearly she’s taking it all in, watching what you are doing, and learning the whole time.
She’s gotten so much smilier and does these great belly laughs 🙂
Flying baby!!
We went for a walk on bumpy farm roads and the potholes put her right to sleep 🙂
Playing on the mini quilt I made her 🙂
Rice cereal is a recent introduction….she’s somewhat convinced
My first bathtime with her 🙂
LOVE this one 🙂

Ah – my baby fix has been satisfied for at least the next 24 hours 🙂

Lily – Burlington Vermont Baby Photographs

I met up with Lily and her family when I was up in Vermont this past weekend. Lily is almost four months and is a very sweet little lady 🙂
She gave us a few smiles when she was lying on her favorite spot – the changing table!
Love these ones – there is something so sweet about a man with his daughter 🙂
She clearly takes after her Mom with her big blue eyes!
She loved reading
The first baby watches over the second baby 🙂
Getting sleepy – time to make a baby burrito!
It was so fun seeing you all again – have a good rest of the winter!

Cabin Fever!

My doggies must have cabin fever tonight as it’s 8:30 and they are ferociously playing with each other, zooming around the house – and generally causing chaos 🙂

If it wasn’t so much fun to watch I might be more annoyed 😉

The picture on the bottom right is pretty typical – Sage has refined the sleeper move and knows that Strider is helpless when she’s hanging onto his jowels….poor older Brother 🙂