Personal Photos from March

After this we’re all caught up on personal photos so I guess I better go take some more for all the Strider & Sage fans 🙂

We got to hang out with Grit while is parents were on spring break for a week and we had a blast. Sage & Grit took to each other like peas and carrots and spent most of the time “viciously” wrestling and zooming around the house 🙂
Here Grit chews on a bone that Sage would like please and thank you.

Funny antics

Strider definitely enjoyed the break and spent some solitary time snoozing on the couch 🙂

Sage sometimes likes to help me when I’m trying to take product photos 🙂

And now everyone is on the couch! One big puppy pile!

One day I had to run some errands so while holding treats I said “kennel up” to Sage. Grit got so excited he followed her right in 🙂

I’m happy to say that at home the crate is officially retired and I can once again have easy access to my clothes drawers!!

Pooped after a long walk

Her nose is very cute 🙂

Last week when I was up in VT my friend Wendy and I had a girls overnight since we never seem to have enough time to see each other! Unfortunately the warm weather from the previous week hadn’t stuck around so we went for a walk in the rain and mist.

Sage had a great time wrestling with Wendy’s dog Willie

Muddy WET dog!

Strider & Sage listen to Heidi read to Fia 🙂

And snuggle when we got up early the next morning with Fia as well (I did not put the bone there and didn’t even really notice it until I opened up the pictures!)

Awwwww 🙂

Have a great day!

Fia – 6 1/2 Months!

Last week I was up in Vermont and got to see Fia for an overnight at Heidi & Ave’s house!

She’s really getting the hang of the food thing and has graduated to things other than rice cereal. I believe that day sweet potatoes were being featured 🙂

Ave picked her up early so I could spend more time with her 🙂

She also finds it yummy to try and eat the bowl….no teeth have popped through yet but she’s clearly teething!

A little tummy time on her activity mat

Whoah what’s that??

Momma’s home!!!

Kenya was highly skeptical about the arrival of TWO dogs into her home but no fights ensued thankfully!


Zooming baby!

Getting a little sleepy!

Heidi snapped a few photos of me holding Fia 🙂

Getting ready for her bath 🙂

Roly poly baby in beautiful early evening light 🙂

The dogs were quite curious about the little person in the tub 🙂

Fia LOVES being in the tub and kicks and waves her arms and legs around splashing water everywhere 🙂

And now I will eat my toes!

Strider would also like to chew on the penguin 🙂

One more snuggle right before bed

And a book!

We were up early the next morning with Ave & Fia

A little later we all settled in for breakfast

Love these next two as well 🙂

Ave if you act like a dork I’m going to take your picture and post it 😉 Learn your lesson! 🙂

One more photo of the queen of the house…much happier because the dogs were waiting for me in the car 🙂

I love you guys so much and had a blast staying to get the full Fia experience 🙂

Parent Album – Brian & Ashley

Ashley’s Mom had me put together this adorable digital parent album from Brian & Ashley’s January Florida wedding.

Marti chose “Smokey Mountain” for the cover – same as Kevin & Alex’s Gallery style album

Some examples of page spreads…..

Stay dry on this rainy Monday!!

Doggies & Other February Fun!

Yes….that’s right….February 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve caught up on editing personal photos but after working away this weekend I’m current! Sorry for the blog absence but I have a few entries now to write so this week will be better!

These are from the month of February with Misc. dates 🙂

They still love snuggling together….

and occasionally Strider really snuggles up to her 🙂

She is not this little anymore 🙁

Wrestling and other fun 🙂

Excuse the quality as Jeff took this on his Blackberry while I was out of town. He was changing the sheets and had put our duvet into the laundry basket to keep it off the floor. Sage thought it might make a pretty cozy bed so jumped in 🙂

Robin Dini’s son Harrison came for a visit.

Sage wasn’t sure what to make of this small human 🙂

How cutie patootie is he??

Harrison wasn’t sure what to make of this small dog (they have cats!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Must Watch – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!!!

I’m going to get up on my soap box for a minute and STRONGLY recommend that you tune into the tv show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” tonight at 8 PM on ABC which I am so excited for (we’re out tonight so I’ll be recording it).


The premise of the show is that Jamie Oliver (a chef from England) goes to visit the unhealthiest town in America (Huntington, WV) to try and teach them about cooking, nutrition, and the value of good food and basically reform the way they eat. Jamie has done this before – he went a long way in reforming the British school cafeteria system so hopefully he can affect change on this side of the pond too!
After watching Food Inc (a movie I’d also highly recommend) about a month ago I’ve made some changes in the way we eat and how we buy our food. Alone one person can’t make a change but businesses and companies are affected by the purchasing power of their customers and they will change if we demand it.

As a start sit down tonight and watch Food Revolution and pledge to also see Food Inc. in the coming weeks – I hope you find them both enlightening and interesting and they make you think more about the way you eat (and make changes as necessary).

Have a great weekend!
*****If you missed the show you can watch it online at*****