Avery & Ben Featured on the New England Wedding Blog!

A Google alert let me know that Ben & Avery’s fabulous wedding is being featured on the New England Wedding Blog


Laura & Zack’s New York City Engagement Photos

Last week I met up with Laura & Zack near their apartment and we set off to explore downtown and take some engagement photos. Laura and Zack had scouted out locations (love that!) in the weeks leading up to the shoot so had lots of good ideas as to where to go. They are getting married next May in Cooperstown and I loved hearing about all the details they’ve already planned!

We started off near the Gramercy Hotel where the light was pretty 🙂 Laura works for J. Crew so I knew she’d be fabulously attired and she didn’t disappoint – I loved her dress and it even had pockets 🙂

We didn’t gain access to the exclusive Gramercy Park but enjoyed walking around it and trying to devise a way in 🙂

This was a place Laura had scouted – loved the signs 🙂

Next we took a cab over to the West Village which never gets old – there are so many beautiful nooks and I am constantly finding new places to shoot

Beautiful light and a happy couple who are getting into the photo groove 🙂

This place was like a secret garden – I loved the cut out on the wall and the way the light is framing their hair – gorgeous!

Loved the scope and shape of this tree

A fun NYC shot 🙂

A quick outfit change for Laura and we were back in the game finding more beautiful light and places to shoot

I loved this wreath and the purple door that set off Laura’s shirt

Note to self – look up, look down, look all around when in NYC….and wear fabulous shoes 🙂

We finished at this wall – these are two of my favorites 🙂

I had so much fun with you both and can’t wait for May!


Lawrence Family

Sarah and I have known each other and been close friends since Kindergarden so when she broached the idea of gifting her Mom with a family shoot for her birthday I jumped at the chance 🙂 To really get the full experience I had a sleepover (just like old times!) the night before and Sarah and I stayed up late into the night giggling and telling stories – so much fun.

The next morning we came down to pancakes and Wilby (Wilbur) sleeping in his little nook. I am definitely building a nook like this into my house in the future! I also loved how it was decorated with personalized artwork from the grandchildren 🙂

Sam slept over the night before too as his parent’s were at a wedding so while we waited for everyone else to arrive I focused on him.

He took a little while to warm up but soon with my silly silly antics I had him giggling 🙂

Love this one with Wilbur in the background

Grandma’s truck bed made him a captive audience to my threats of tickles 🙂

His parents arrived first and he was thrilled to see them 🙂

He loves doorbells. They’ve disconnected the bell at his house but he still has fun when he visit Grandma & Grandpa!!

Soon the girls arrived – Ms. Sophie is the youngest and amazingly crawled for the first time during out shoot!!

The big group 🙂 Always a challenge to get everyone smiling and looking at the same time – more silly tactics were used!

Love Sam & Emma snuggling in the middle of everything else 🙂

Wilbur has to join too!

Sarah with her niece Emma – they have such a close relationship and Sarah is always sending us funny emails detailing the hilarious things that Emma says 🙂

The other side of the family 🙂

A few individuals of Ms. Emma who has SUCH a big personality and is so mature for her age

A little break for some pizza was in order

And then a few more to end the day 🙂

Sophie has a great belly laugh when you squeeze her thighs….it’s pretty adorable 🙂 And those cheeks!!

Ice cream finished the day!

A quick snap of old friends 🙂

And a fun goodbye to Ms. Emma before everyone went their separate ways!

It was SO fun to see you all again and meet all the kiddos – you guys are the best 🙂

Fia – 1 Year Old!

When I was up in Vermont in September I knew I wanted to do a one year shoot with Fia but of course I ended up seeing her much more than just once so I just snapped away and will create her one year album from this week of visits 🙂

One day we took a walk down to the beach with the dogs

Then it was back to her house for some dinner 🙂
Peek a boo!

She was a very sleepy lady that night in the tub!

A few days later we did the real shoot – Fia was unconvinced she wanted to stay still for any photos so Ave did her favorite thing – tossed her up in the air 🙂
I loved her little fuzzy vest 🙂

She LOVES her blanket and immediately snuggles it whenever it’s around

Mom makes her laugh too 🙂

Crawling is old hat at this point….walking is next!

This cracks me up 🙂

Eating Mom’s nose can make for a fun picture 🙂

Can you spy her first teeth coming through?

Crawling is really her favorite thing to do these days…crawl and explore

But also fly 🙂

Love this one 🙂

She was getting a little cranky so she got the blanket and this is immediately what she did – amazing how an object can create such a reaction

Flowers are very interesting to smell and touch

She was in a very talkative mood at the table 🙂

But it was clear she was ready for bed!

There’s something about this one that I love.

Even though we’ve completed Fia’s year in the life I somehow doubt I’ll stop taking photos of her 🙂

Have a great week!

I spy!

On Friday night I was down in Mystic shooting Jen & Dan’s rehearsal dinner cruise on board the Sabino Steamboat.

My awesome October clients Pete & Kim wrote to say that they were going to be in Mystic too but unfortunately we didn’t get to meet up.

But we met up in spirit I guess – Pete and Kim had spotted me on board the Sabino and taken some snaps…..you guys are the best 🙂

Can you spy me?