Happy New Year!

A little New Year’s doggie update…..

Some snuggling in early December 🙂

The weekend before Christmas we had my cousin’s two yellow labs Grit and Cole. Jeff’s parents were also up for the weekend and brought doggie treats for everyone 🙂

Yellow lab carpeting – it’s very in style 🙂

Very sleepy 🙂

More snuggling 🙂

The patriarch doggie Cole 🙂

Four doggies all in a row!!

Once we got back home to CT Grit made himself at home and took a nap 🙂 Strider tried to sneak by without waking him up but…..

It didn’t work. Everyone got up and was ready for a walk!!

After the walk I noticed that Sage had grass on her face meaning that at some point she must have gotten rolled over and had her face mashed into the green grass….one tough little dog 🙂

All our friends are with us at the lake tonight and tomorrow many will plunge into the lake for the Annual Black Bear Plunge!

Happy New Year!!

Vermont Rustic Barn Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty!

James & Sarah’s wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday – hooray!


Congratulations James & Sarah!

Friends for Dinner!

All that holiday decorating was for us and also for a dinner party we had in early December. A new couple moved to West Hartford in the early fall so I wanted to get a few people together to meet them. Our house is wee and little so with eight people it felt bursting but it was a very fun and relaxed night – my favorite way to entertain!

We keep it easy when entertaining and everyone brings something – our contribution was Beef Bourguignon – a good option as you can prepare it ahead of time and pop it in the stove once everyone arrives.

Sutton came too and after dinner met Baby Ellie – his first experience with a baby!

We scheduled the dinner early so Ellie could go to sleep mid way through but she wasn’t having it – she loved looking around and checking things out and didn’t cry once….pretty impressive!

She did take a few cat naps in Mom’s arms 🙂

But then she was up again!

She wanted some Dad time too 🙂

All bundled up to head home!

Snoogling :)

Puppies are happily snoogling.

Jeff is playing the guitar.

I'm sewing. (recovering from a cold but that just gave me the excuse to stay in my pajamas all day!!)

Life is good 🙂

Doggie Playdate!!

This entry is a bit late but maybe better late than never??!!

In early December I met up with my Photog pals Daria Bishop and Kathleen North Porter for a yummy lunch at On the Rise in Richmond. When I walked into the bakery who should be there but Alex – one of my former brides from 2009 – SUCH fun to see her unexpectedly.

My Aunt Deenie who is also a great photographer joined us as well and snapped this photo of us taking the doggies for a walk before she drove away!

Yeti seemed like such a giant compared to my pooches!

Strider loves making new friends and enjoyed sniffing and then playing with Yeti 🙂

Full speed doggies running through the woods!

Ok kids – all together now!!

And then time for more play 🙂

I love this series 🙂

A little timer photo action at the end of our doggie playdate 🙂

Fun times with good friends!!