Cute Doggie Pictures :)

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend.
We were at the lake and I’m happy to report that our DIY headboard is completed and installed 🙂 We’re hoping to paint our bedroom next weekend so hopefully we won’t lose steam. Once that’s done it’s on to a curtain/valance solution just to spice things up further 🙂 The headboards turned out really nicely and for $100 who can beat it 🙂
Today I’m heading down to Lyme, CT to photograph a corgi puppy and a golden retriever puppy…..I am psyched 🙂

In the meantime I thought I’d share these photos which have been in my “to be blogged” folder for a few weeks 🙂

After eating breakfast the dogs always jump back up on the bed to snuggle me while Jeff is getting ready for work. Strider being the older, wiser dog frequently stays on the bed until our mid-day walk…..Sage is much too ADD for that 🙂
Here is Strider at 11 AM still loving the bed 🙂

I’ll only get off if we’re doing something fun

Sage wondering why Strider is on the bed and she isn’t

Mom I know I’m ADD but can you let me back up???!!

Every time we get a new bag of food we let the dogs lick the bag.

Strider is clearly a little bewildered why Sage is having all the fun

Ok – everyone now 🙂

Sage is no longer a puppy but she is still our “mini dog” and we love to snuggle her 🙂

Have a great week everyone!!

Pennsylvania Visit with my Daddio!

Right after New Year’s I headed down to my Popsicle’s house in Pennsylvania to work from there. My Brother was visiting too so we had a great week 🙂
Apparently the drive tired out the doggies…..Sage fell asleep with this toy in her mouth 🙂

After finding Strider on this chair day after day each visit my Dad finally gave up and puts towels on them when we come down so the doggies sleep here 🙂

There was a controlled deer hunt happening in our usual walking spot so instead we went to this enormous field where they hold field trials in the summer….it was so open and beautiful.

A little windy though so we stayed well bundled 🙂

The dogs love my Dad and follow him everywhere to see what he’s up to next!

Puppies in glory light 🙂

The next morning we went out to watch the hunt. The site of 60+ hounds was just stunning. We lost them pretty quickly though as they went cross country into the woods!

We met up with my Dad’s friend and her two labbies 🙂

Sage had a ball chasing this pup around 🙂

Wise old doggie 🙂

Needless to say Sage was exhausted that night 🙂

Such beautiful country

After our visit with the labs we met up with Jon for one final walk in the field right at sunset

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Jacob & Allie Featured in Brides Connecticut!

Jacob & Allie’s 1st Dance photos are being featured in the most recent issue of Brides Connecticut! The story details how couples chose their first dance song.

Congratulations Jacob & Allie!

Snowy Day

This was too fun not to post right away 🙂 I just got back from a walk with Sage and Strider and since it was very snowy we didn’t walk all that far. Instead I tired them out by tossing snowballs their way 🙂

More shots to come but this one I just LOVED!

2010 Ceremony Favorites : VT Wedding Photographer

The wedding ceremony is often my favorite part of the day – so much anticipation, joy, and jubilation at the end. I love photographing emotional happy people and watching them react to this moment that they’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Ashley was one of my more excited brides this year. All morning she kept saying “I can’t believe this day is finally here. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. This is awesome” – it was adorable. When she finally stood next to Brian the grin on her face was easy to read – she was thrilled 🙂

So many of my favorite shots are from the recessional. What better moment is there? You’ve just committed yourself to the one you love and you turn around to greet all the people you love. Jamie looks like he has a secret in this one…..secret is he just married beautiful Carolyn 🙂

Brendan & Becca’s ceremony and vows were so full of laughter that the guests couldn’t help but laugh right along with them 🙂

Again – we did it!!

And one final one from Brendan and Becca’s (for now!) – I loved the way the wind caught the flag as they were exiting the Old Round Church

James & Sarah had the look of love during their ceremony 🙂

As did Emily & Sam – happiness abounds 🙂

I always tear myself away from the Bride and Groom at some point to focus on the parents on this most important day. Here Avery’s family reacts to something funny

I think this is my favorite shot of 2010 🙂

(from Mike & Becca’s Martha’s Vineyard wedding)

Betsy and Anthony round the corner and prepare to greet their guests 🙂

I love the light and color in this one and also the detail on Jen’s beautiful family veil.

Finn’s bride Kate said that to her it shows how Finn is a friend to everyone 🙂

I just love the light and movement in this one

Kim & Pete were another couple who couldn’t stop smiling and laughing during the ceremony – LOVE this one 🙂

Love how this shot shows everyone reacting to Whitney but very little of her. A Father’s love – a Husband to be….all ready to greet the bride 🙂

Yes I’m a sucker for recessional shots 🙂 I loved their expressions, the way the guests frame Whitney and Andy, and the shape of Whitney’s beautiful dress in this one.

Stay tuned for more favorites coming up 🙂