Gardner & Martha’s Rehearsal Dinner Photographs

I kicked off Gard & Martha’s wedding weekend with the rehearsal and dinner. The weather was gorgeous for the rehearsal but as we drove over to the Brewster Academy Pinckney Boathouse we drove through a VERY powerful thunder and lightning storm. The weirdest thing was that there were huge rainbows everywhere but lightning literally flashing across the rainbow – very cool 🙂 Thankfully the boathouse had a covered porch so people were able to enjoy the stunning views and stay dry 🙂

It’s always fun to see the bouquets that are carried for rehearsals 🙂

Gard and Martha’s Dad have some fun during the hand off

The buoy helped direct people into the campus

I loved the tote bags filled with colorful blue and yellow flowers

The napkins were tied with nautical rope and Gard’s Mom had mugs made for the occasion with their initials and wedding date 🙂

The boathouse was gorgeous with high ceilings and views out over the bay

The storm came right down the lake so we had a front row seat to the action!

The toasts were funny, heartfelt and wonderful

Both Martha’s Mom and Dad brought out old artwork – a coupon book and a Valentine’s Day card 🙂

Stay tuned for the wedding photos!

Canning tomatoes

About to fill our first jars!

60 pounds of tomatoes :)

Sarah and I are going to have our hands full tomorrow canning all of them!!

A walk before Irene really arrives!

Rainy and blustery here but not too bad so far.

James & Katie’s Wedding Day!

Today I’m at The Coach Barn celebrating James & Katie’s wedding day – can’t wait as there will be many familiar faces at this wedding including the ceremony which is being performed by my close friend Wendy who married us!! So special 🙂