Katie & Erik

Amanda -first of all the photos are sublime. I am officially one of your many, many fans. Of all the amazing places we have been and incredible stuff we have done – that weekend exceeded my wildest expectations – best weekend of my life – thank you for being part of making it wonderful real time and also for the enduring images.

Your photos reminded me of something I know to be true, but don’t reflect on enough – life is beautiful.

With admiration and gratitude,

Katie & Erik, September 29, 2012

Shelburne Farms Summer Concert Series

Flashing back to summer today and the Shelburne Farms Summer Concert Series which happens most Wednesday evenings in the summer. This particular Wednesday evening my cousin Lila and her band The Cartwheels were playing so we needed to go. We arrived and found lots of friends and family to hang out with – it’s the place to be on a Wednesday night!

Rowan is in a Batman phase right now

Sylvie with Mom and GG (she is always smiling!)

Mr. Gray

Tickle party

And an airplane ride from Jeff

A fun evening all around!

Favorite Photo :: Laura & Zack

I have a really special favorite photo share for you today from Laura & Zack who were married last May in Cooperstown, NY…..

Laura writes: “Growing up, we always had a large picture of my grandfather on our bookshelves. He was smoking a cigar and had on a big smile that showed how happy, jovial and passionate of a man he was. He knew how to have a good time and enjoyed life to the fullest. I never knew him because he passed away about 6 months after I was born, but this picture was the closest I ever came to really knowing him – because I passed by it every day.

When planning the wedding, we decided to have a tribute table to him where we set up the cigar bar – it would be a surprise to my father. We used this picture and made a sign that said “please take one in honor of Luigi”. My dad was beyond touched. Then a few weeks later we got our proofs back from Amanda – and we had our own version of this photo – but this time with my dad as the subject. He was “holding court” on the bocce field and giving a huge belly laugh. It’s my favorite of the whole album because it summarizes my father – and I think in effect, the feelings of the day – perfectly. He is a hugely lovable, passionate and fun-loving man and no day is going to bring that out of him more than one when he is surrounded by friends and family. I also can’t help but feel that this photo may be one for the “generations”, just like the one of my grandfather was. Our kids, their kids and even THEIR kids will always know their “Papa Louie”, as long as this photo is around.”

Zack writes: “This photo has struck me for two reasons. First of all, it is easy on the eyes. I love the view that is captured and the lines of the shot – the tree, the path, the lake. The picture is upstate NY – the part of the country where Laura and I met and created a lot of great memories – at its best. Second, the picture captures a great moment for Laura and me. Our wedding ceremony had wrapped up without a hitch (with all credit in the planning and execution going to Laura) and our guests were enjoying a cocktail hour before the reception. Walking to the edge of the lake to take a couple pictures on the water, this was the first moment alone Laura and I had together and, for me, was the first time I was able to soak in the moment. I was now married to my long-time best friend with our friends and family thoroughly enjoying themselves behind us. Doesn’t get much better.”

Thank you SO much Laura & Zack!! xo

Pepper’s Piglets!

Pepper the Pig finally popped last week! I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Shelburne Farms’ Facebook Page watching for updates. I went and visited them today and they are adorable – inquisitive, hungry, and playful! Enjoy these cuties!


One big Mamma and hungry hungry piglets!

Piggy pile

Curious one moment and exhausted the next!

Trying to climb Everest

Who are you?

Play with me!

This pipe is kind of tasty!

Hi Mom.

Time for more sleep

Until the end of October I’m running a portrait special to benefit area schools and Shelburne Farms – CLICK HERE to learn more!

Flushmount Album :: Laura & Pete

I delivered this 80 Image Digital Flushmount Album to Laura & Pete earlier this month.

Laura wrote: “The album is beyond anything I could have imagined. It’s beautiful. I love the images we chose, the thick pages and leather cover- it’s sturdy and regal and will absolutely last through the years. My sister was looking through it and started to cry…. so that pretty much sums it up!” – I am always thrilled when my couples are thrilled!

Pete & Laura chose a Black Top Grain Leather Cover with their names and the date embossed under the cover image. The pages were black with white borders – a classic and timeless look. Enjoy a few of my favorite spreads!