Fall Siblings :: Isaac & Gabriel

I met up with these two spirited boys last week and their Mamma at Shelburne Farms. They kept us both on our toes but we had a blast exploring and playing in the woods

Why would we want to stay still for a photo? Much more fun to jump around and much more interesting results!

LOVE these two.

Older Brother Gabriel is 6

And younger Brother Isaac is 4

Tickle fest!

Boys and wrestling = peas and carrots

We found some neat vines in the woods that they had fun swinging from

It was such a pleasure meeting you!

Fall Family Photos

I met up with this fun family last week at Shelburne Farms as part of the Fall Fundraiser. Their son Sam is a senior so they did a combo senior photo shoot with some updated family photos as well. Their dog Elvis provided comic relief and kept us all on our toes. Enjoy the photos.

No sibling rivalry here!

Love this one of Sam & Olivia

We finished the photos down by the water

If any of you are still thinking about taking part in the fall fundraiser let me know – I’m happy to extend it another week or two as long as the weather cooperates – right now it’s 68 out!!

Beautiful Foggy Morning

Well I am hunkered down waiting for Sandy but so far the skies are clear and the wind is very minimal….it’s been amazing seeing photos from friends in more hard hit areas – everyone stay safe!

As a juxtaposition it felt like an appropriate day to post some photos of one of the most beautiful mornings we’ve had since moving. In the summer every morning I do a loop around our field with the dogs to greet the day. This particular morning (in mid-August) the fog was just lifting and there were spiderwebs as far as the eye could see – amazing.

The dogs (including my friend Eileen’s dog Sadie) check back in with me hoping I’ll speed up so they can get fed

Ready to eat


Everyone be well!

VT Fall Photos :: Natalie & James

I met up with this great family earlier this week as part of the Fall Fundraiser. Shelburne Farms provides such a perfect backdrop for fall photos and we took advantage and headed into the woods among the falling leaves. Natalie is 5 and James is 2 1/2 – the perfect age for imagination and giggling!

Natalie loves building fairy houses

And James loves playing with sticks!

A crown made Natalie Queen of the Forest

It was so great to meet you!

Recent Book Recommendations

I’m happy to report that since we’ve moved I’ve made a concerted effort to watch less TV – I haven’t set up the DVR for anything and other than Football and the occasional Law & Order SVU I’ve been trying to read instead. This morning I stopped by the local school book sale and got 11 books for $11 – my kind of spending! I have a long list on my Pinterest board that will get me through the winter but these are ones I’ve finished in the last month or so.

My friend Wendy recommended 1000 White Women and I zipped through it and found it very absorbing. Way back when there was a controversial program called “Brides for Indians” that recommended that 1000 white women be married to Indians to help them assimilate to American culture. It didn’t take place but this novel explores what might have happened if it had – great characters and well written.

Gone Girl” seems to be the book everyone is reading and with good reason – I read this in about 24 hours and absolutely couldn’t put it down. Thankfully we were at the lake so I just holed up on the couch and read until my eyes were tired! Suffice to say there is a twist to this book that I didn’t see coming.

Knowing my interest in Jacqueline Kennedy my Mom passed on “Mrs Kennedy and Me” – a book by her former secret service agent Clint Hill that was with her during the Kennedy administration. There were some new tidbits that I found interesting and I enjoyed the book.

My Mom read and highly recommended “Paris: A Love Story” which is a memoir from Kati Marton about her first marriage to Peter Jennings, her second marriage to Ambassador Richard Holbrooke with Paris being the connecting thread. Having never been to Paris (sad!) I couldn’t quite relate to all the places that were mentioned but I enjoyed the book and found it to be an easy read.

I can’t remember where I heard about “The Kitchen Daughter” – another foodie book! This one is part ghost story part very tame thriller and it was an easy and absorbing read.

I finally finished the Langani trilogy that I started way back in January when we were in New Zealand. I found myself much more drawn to the characters in the latter two books having gotten acquainted with them in the first. This trilogy is sometimes violent and sad but overall I really enjoyed the character’s journey and was sad to see the books come to an end.

Hope you’ve all been reading good books!