NYC Engagement Photos :: Leslie & Colin

I met up with Leslie & Colin near their home in the West Village and we had fun exploring on a beautiful spring evening. They are getting married at the Chatham Bars Inn in early June – I can’t wait!






On the road again!


The pups and I head south today (sadly Jeff is staying in VT – boo!) for a few days of shoots, meetings, and visiting my Dad (!!) – should be fun! Happy weekend everyone!

Recommended :: Great House


I recently finished “Great House” which a friend of mine had recommended. Great House is woven around a desk that through changing hands has seen upheaval, loss, love, and regret. Each part of the book centers around a new owner of the desk while the origins of it remain a mystery. I’ve included the full plot synopsis from Amazon below.

It took me a little bit to get into this book – I found the first chapter to be a bit too mysterious but eventually caught on and enjoyed the rest of the stories that were told. It’s not a story I’d rush to read again but think it could benefit from reading with a buddy as I’d love to have had someone to talk things over with!

“For twenty-five years, a reclusive American novelist has been writing at the desk she inherited from a young Chilean poet who disappeared at the hands of Pinochet’s secret police; one day a girl claiming to be the poet’s daughter arrives to take it away, sending the writer’s life reeling. Across the ocean, in the leafy suburbs of London, a man caring for his dying wife discovers, among her papers, a lock of hair that unravels a terrible secret. In Jerusalem, an antiques dealer slowly reassembles his father’s study, plundered by the Nazis in Budapest in 1944.

Connecting these stories is a desk of many drawers that exerts a power over those who possess it or have given it away. As the narrators of Great House make their confessions, the desk takes on more and more meaning, and comes finally to stand for all that has been taken from them, and all that binds them to what has disappeared.

Great House is a story haunted by questions: What do we pass on to our children and how do they absorb our dreams and losses? How do we respond to disappearance, destruction, and change? “

Rockport Engagement Photos :: Simmie & Andrew

I met up with Simmie & Andrew for their engagement photos when I was down in MA for Amir’s wedding – perfect timing! Simmie was in the engineering program with Jeff in college so it was fun to reconnect and to meet Andrew. They are wonderful together – so easy to be around and quick to laugh and we had a lovely day exploring charming Rockport. Their wedding will kick off my 2013 season at the end of May – I can’t wait! Enjoy the photos.




Simmie had these awesome shoes made with their wedding date











And a photo representative of the lunch we enjoyed after the shoot was over with their Moms – YUM and thank you so much again for the delicious meal!


Jess & Amir’s Salem Wedding

Jeff’s closest friend Amir got married two weeks ago and we had a blast attending the wedding. This trifecta of guys has been friends since 6th grade (when Jeff entered the picture) and kindergarden (when Amir & Giles met) so it’s been a truly lifelong friendship! The first photo below is when they were seniors in high school and were working on building a dock at the lake for their senior project – it’s a favorite!

The Boys

The wedding was held at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem – a beautiful spot!


The boys had been talking about wearing Dumb and Dumber suits (around 1:40) to each other’s wedding since Giles got married in 2006 – Jeff and Giles finally made it happen with great reaction from everyone. The whole weekend I was known as the wife of the “blue guy”









Amir’s Mother is a Mother to everyone and I love this picture of her posing with her boys




The next day I had an engagement shoot in Rockport (photos coming soon) and the boys spent the day together. They had spotted an Old Time photo store nearby and proudly showed off the results to me when I returned. Apparently they ran out of Civil War uniforms so Giles & Jeff volunteered to be the ladies – oh Brother.



After returning from Rockport I stopped by Jess’ room to take a few pictures of her getting ready and also ended up doing a mini first look in their room







I hadn’t attended a wedding as a guest in 5 years so decided not to bring my camera to the actual wedding and it was a nice change – we had a blast and the ceremony was SIMPLY beautiful – a lovely marriage if you will of Persian and Jewish traditions.

Congratulations and much love to Amir & Jess!! xo