Making Pickles!

One of the things that has been coming out of our garden in DROVES are pickling cucumbers. We planted four plants – next year we may plant 1 – holy cow they produce SO many cucumbers!! Jeff has dutifully made two batches of pickles totaling about 20 jars and that’s about all we’re interested in – anyone else want to come get them??!! Unfortunately I don’t have the recipes to share because they were on his phone but I can say that we cracked open the first jar of dill pickles the other night and they are TASTY!!



Top 20 Coach Barn Wedding Photos from Shelburne Farms

Congratulations on your engagement! I think you’ll find a ceremony and reception at Coach Barn to be a perfect wedding in Vermont. Learn more about Shelburne Farms:

The Coach Barn and its sweeping lawn offer a singular wedding setting. The lake and Adirondack Mountains provide the perfect background for your lawn ceremony, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. The beautiful Coach Barn, with its large courtyard, spacious halls, and original wood wainscoting and floors, hosts dinner and dancing.

I’m photographer Amanda Herzberger of Orchard Cove Photography. I’ve photographed a number of weddings at Shelburne Farms and they feature my photography on their wedding website. Contact me now for some private tips about this venue, or ask your site coordinator about me.

Visit my complete wedding and reception image gallery.

Preparing for a Coach Barn Wedding

With 24 beautifully appointed rooms at the Inn you have many choices when it comes to where to get ready – Overlook and White are two of my favorites for the women – the Green room is a great option for the guys.
bride toasts with her bridesmaids in white room at Shelburne Farms

Cool Outdoor Photo Locations for this Venue

groom sees bride for first time on South Porch at Shelburne Farms
The South Porch offers a great place for “first look” photos. A first look is a great idea for you to share that special moment in private and capture the reaction.
bride and groom share first look in gardens at Shelburne Farms
On beautiful days the gardens are a stunning and private location for first look photos
bridal party poses for formal photos in the gardens at Shelburne Farms
The gardens have a number of backdrops for formal bridal party and family photos.

Wedding Ceremony Photos at Coach Barn

bride and her father emerge from Coach Barn at her Shelburne Farms wedding
The bride’s entrance from the Coach Barn is always a dramatic and memorable moment

The pine trees cast a shadow on the friends and family at the wedding ceremony
Take advantage of unlimited seating for weddings big or small with an outdoor ceremony on the lawn.

elevator room ceremony at Shelburne Farms
If the weather is inclement take advantage of the natural light filled elevator room

Bride and Groom Photos

Proud husband to be smiles while sitting on an antique wooden chair
Here’s a more candid and casual portrait taking advantage of the antique setting.

Groom in a light-colored tux kisses the bride while walking back to the Coach Barn
Use any number of beautiful settings for candid moments.

bride and groom kiss walking into the Coach Barn Shelburne Farms
The arches of the Coach Barn provide an elegant frame for the bride and groom

Bride and groom on the grassy lawn with trees in the background
The lawns of Shelburne Farms provide a beautiful backdrop for any photo.

Vermont husband and wife stare across the lake at the Adirondack mountains
The newly married husband and wife share a warm embrace at sunset overlooking the Adirondack mountains from Vermont.

antique car drives up to Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms
Take a classic car ride down the gravel road to the ceremony location.

Reception Galleries

cocktail hour lakeside at coach barn wedding shelburne farms
Guests nibble on hors d’oeuvres and sip champagne lakeside at cocktail hour

As guests enter the reception they can gather in the Coach Barn courtyard for a full wedding photo – a memorable moment!

trees line courtyard at coach barn wedding shelburne farms
Trees lining the courtyard welcomed guests to Dave & Emily’s Coach Barn wedding

Table setting arrangement ideas for a wedding at Shelburne Farms
Here’s an inside look at table arrangements and dinner seating for a Shelburne Farms wedding reception – this is from Dave & Emily’s wedding.

food truck at shelburne farms coach barn wedding
This couple had a food truck come to their reception for some late night snacks!

twinkle lit trees frame the reception
Twinkle lights hung in trees framed the reception at James & Katie’ Shelburne Farms wedding and hung stars above the dance floor provided a romantic feel

I hope you enjoyed these Coach Barn Wedding photos from Shelburne Farms. Connect with me on Facebook to get more great wedding photo ideas.

About Orchard Cove Photography

Orchard Cove Photography is a good fit for casual, intimate weddings. I like to focus on the fun of the event by documenting your most joyful and memorable moments.

“I value my relationships above all, and the wonderful people in my life help me realize the power of everyday moments. It’s my goal to capture that for my clients’ family and friends.”

Amanda has been featured on Martha Stewart weddings.

Amanda has been featured on Martha Stewart weddings.

Amanda Herzberger of Orchard Cove photographyAmanda accepts a limited number of weddings which means personalized service and speedy turnaround of wedding images that reflect your personality and the spirit of the day. On the wedding day I pride myself in being relaxed, organized, and friendly to everyone I’m interacting with. My favorite part is catching those tiny moments that make wedding memories truly special, often using a zoom lens so the style is authentic and unintrusive.

Call me at 802-343-9947 to chat about tips and ideas for your Coach Barn Wedding.

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Outdoor Wedding NH :: Devon & Will

Devon & Will – August 10, 2013
Ceremony & Reception :: Flagg Hill Winery
Invitation Designer :: Jennifer Curulli
Florist :: Jacques
Band:: Velourosaurus
Lighting :: Northeast Uplights

Devon and Will’s wedding was SO MUCH FUN. I don’t think they stopped smiling the entire day and as a result nobody else did either. Many couples come to me telling me that throwing a really fun party is a huge part of what they want for their wedding day – Devon & Will had a personalized and beautiful ceremony AND THEN threw a really fun party – great combo! Enjoy the photos of this very enthusiastic group!



































Congratulations, Devon & Will!!

Perfect Vermont Summer Evening

Back in mid July Heidi & Ave hosted the perfect summer evening of BBQ and kiddos. When I arrived Fia was learning how to ride her two wheeler… training wheels for this kid!



Back inside Holden chilled in his Bumbo which he has now just about outgrown – time flies!
Reagan fully enjoyed her popsicle (was just with her family this morning so stay tuned next week for some photos of them!)

Parker is also getting bigger – nothing like kids to make you realize how time is speeding by!
A little good natured wrestling!
Perfect view of the lake
Kid invasion – can’t wait to add ours to the mix!!
Gleefully getting chased by Heidi



Ahhhh – summertime in Vermont is the BEST!!

Recommended :: Lean In


When “Lean In” came out I vaguely registered the spirited debate happening around the book but since I read it didn’t pay too much attention. After reading it and enjoying it I did some googling to read about what all the fuss was about.

It seems that many of the critics say that a woman with Ms. Sandberg’s resources has a number of advantages that others don’t in terms of childcare, a flexible work schedule, and obviously finances. Many others argue that this book like many that come before it blames women instead of questioning the larger social structure that allows these inequalities to persist.

While both of those arguments could be true I still found the book enjoyable and inspiring – Ms. Sandberg certainly makes points with caveats that it won’t work for everyone but I thought her facts were fascinating (if not a little depressing) and her pep talk definitely inspired me.

I’d recommend this book for both the women and men in my life.

A few articles of interest

– This NPR piece

– This New York Times commentary by Jodi Kantor is especially interesting

– This Anne Marie Slaughter article which I had read before reading the book – definitely worth a read!!

– This commentary by Maureen Dowd