Recipe :: Potato Leek Soup

This is a recipe my Mother in Law Sharon made for me for the first time about twelve years ago early in my relationship with Jeff and it’s been one of my favorites ever since! I think it’s technically called Vichyssoise a La Ritz but we aren’t so fancy so call it what it really is – Potato Leek Soup. Every fall we love having it garnished with chives. Jeff likes it mild and I like to try and add as many different onions as possible and lots of pepper to give it bite….we tend to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle! We always eat it hot although I know many like it cold.

Vichyssoise a La Ritz (8 Servings)

4 leeks, white part, sliced
4 medium onion, sliced
1/4 c. unsalted butter
5 medium potatoes, thinly sliced
1 quart low sodium chicken broth
1 T. or less salt
3 c. milk
1.5 cups heavy cream (recipe calls for 2 and I’ve used as little as 1)
Chopped chives for garnish

IN a deep kettle, brown the leeks and onions very lightly in the butter. Add the potatoes, broth, and salt and boil 35 minutes or until very tender. Crush and puree in an electric blender.
Return pureed mixture to the kettle, add the milk and one cup of cream and bring to a light boil. Cool and puree again. Chill or serve hot. Garnish with chives.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feeling like my heart will burst this Thanksgiving out of love for my family and this new little girl that has entered our lives. Today was her due date but we’re so glad we got to spend an extra ten days with her! I’ll post some more photos of her early days next week but for now all I want to do is snuggle her! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.




Debbie Bliss Sweater

This Debbie Bliss sweater had been in progress for a looooooong time but when Emily was born I knew I better get my rear in gear and set a deadline of my baby shower weekend to finish it. I literally finished it that morning and Emily kindly modeled it for me when she was up visiting a few weeks ago. The design was a riff on a real Debbie Bliss pattern that I made for Fia a few years ago but since I had found that sweater a little shapeless and because I love knitting in the round I made some changes this time around. I knitted the bottom to the decorative row in the round but then realized after that in order to keep it from rolling I’d need to add stitching to the bottom and arms….I ended up using seed stitch. It was made with a lot of love and I was thrilled to see that Emily fits in it….for now!!


Charlotte News Cover!

Here’s to being in the right place at the right time….with my camera! On the day before Thanksgiving as I was heading to Anna’s house for our photo shoot I drove by this! Every fall a bunch of women bake apple pies which they sell twice a week as a fundraiser for our local church. On this the final day of pie sales they decided to really attract an audience and dressed up….they were very amenable to having their photo taken and I was thrilled when I saw that it had made the cover of the Charlotte News!

Featured :: Rustic Wedding Chic

I was thrilled that Dave & Emily’s beautiful Shelburne Farms wedding is being featured on Rustic Wedding Chic!


Congratulations, Dave & Emily!