VT Newborn Photography :: Teddy

It was so fun to see this sweet family again and celebrate the arrival of Teddy! His Brothers were so excited to hold him and love on him….and then also wanted to play and explore on their own. These three are going to have so many fun adventures together. The last time I saw them was when Jack was a newborn – time flies!













Vermont Outdoor Wedding :: Sarah & Avery

Sarah & Avery – June 16, 2014
Wedding Planner: Janet Dunnington
Catering: All Smoked up Catering
Florist: Nancy Bishop Floral Design with help from Meredith Graves Designs (Bride’s Mom)
Invitations: The Lighthouse Works
Band: Unity via Murray Hill Talent Agency
Hair: Christian Roy Salon
Makeup: Stacy Hunter
Cake: Irene’s Cakes by Design

In mid-June, I was invited into a private home in Grafton, VT, to help celebrate the marriage of Sarah and Avery. It was an outdoor ceremony and tented reception, and it could not have been a more perfect day! Really fun, laid back vibe—plus beautiful weather, beautiful property, and lovely, warm people.

My day started with Sarah at the farm. The farm is a family property of Avery’s, and they utilized every inch for the wedding.

Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0002 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0003Sarah & Avery’s dog Maverick hung out with the ladies!Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0004  Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0006 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0007 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0008 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0009Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0012   Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0022 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0023My second shooter, Alanna Scully, spent the morning with the boys first at the Grafton Inn and then at a fishing cottage on a different part of the farm property.

Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0024 The ceremony took place in the middle of a field, and a close friend officiated.

Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0013 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0014Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0010Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0011 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0015 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0016 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0017 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0018 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0019 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0020 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0021

After the ceremony, we were able to get pictures of the bridal party and the bride and groom alone. I love this image of Sarah’s grandfather while he enjoyed watching the formal pictures being taken and keeping Maverick close by his side.

Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0025 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0026 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0027 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0028 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0029 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0030The reception was beautifully decorated, and the special details were all over the place. I loved the Mad Libs on the invitation responses and the pint glasses as favors. And I loved that they had a pig roast!

Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0034  Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0033  Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0005Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0035 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0036 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0037 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0038 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0039 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0040Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0031Instead of doing a receiving line right after the ceremony, they did one as people were being seated for dinner. This meant they were able to enjoy the cocktail hour and catch up with most people—a great idea!

Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0032You can see the love and happiness that all of their family and friends had for the couple. Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0041 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0042 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0043 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0044 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0045 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0046 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0047 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0048  Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0050 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0051 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0052I love catching small, unplanned moments that others may not notice. My favorite moment from the reception was catching Avery and Sarah, while they were chatting with friends and taking it all in, leaning in and sharing a secret kiss. At that moment, they were the only two people in the room!
Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0053Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0049The toasts were hilarious—Sarah’s bridesmaids read emails from Sarah about the first days of the couple’s relationship as it happened, and then Avery’s best man talked about how Avery doesn’t have a sense of smell. The best man went on to say he knew Sarah was a keeper when she asked him to relay to Avery that it was time to shower! Everyone was in stitches from start to finish.
Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0055Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0054 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0056 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0057 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0058 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0059 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0060 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0061 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0062 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0063 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0064 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0065 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0066 Orchard-Cove-Photography-Vermont-Outdoor-Wedding_0067Avery & Sarah, it was such a pleasure to be with you as you celebrated your wedding—what a fabulous day! Congratulations—hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon!

May 2014 Instagram

A collection of May Instagram photos – lots of happy memories! You can follow me HERE.


Katie’s Mom


“We cannot thank you enough for photographing Katie and James’ wedding! First I want to tell you that our friends and family loved you. Everyone was commenting on how nice you were, and how they never felt the photography was intrusive. Yes, words like “cool” came up when people talked about you! They all eagerly await the photographs because they could tell you were getting wonderful shots. Katie has been so sure you were the right choice for their personalities and the wedding certainly proved that. We had so much fun at the wedding. We appreciate all you did to add to the relaxed atmosphere. We are really looking forward to seeing your photos.”
– Joyce, Katie’s Mom – June 21, 2014

James & Katie


“While all of the vendors you work with to create your wedding day play an enormous role in bringing your event to life, the photographer is perhaps the most important and therefore most difficult to choose. This is a person who does not just drop off their work, do your hair and then leave you to enjoy your day, this is a person who is going to be with you from start to finish, and who you are depending on to capture those amazing moments at your wedding that you never want to forget.

Working with Amanda was perhaps the easiest and best decision that we made when planning our wedding day. Looking at her blog, it was clear she had an amazing eye for capturing real moments. She was interested in portraying the way we really looked at each other and the way the ring bearer ran away rather than participating in the photo, instead of creating staged moments, and that was exactly how we wanted our wedding day captured.

Upon speaking to Amanda on the phone it was enormously clear, that she was not only immensely kind and open minded, but also a consummate professional. James and I instantly knew there was no one else we wanted to photograph our big day. On our wedding day, Amanda was just as incredible as we thought she would be. Her amazing sense of calm was infectious, and it was hard not to feel relaxed around her. She just rolled with the entire day, even if there was a schedule change or a flower girl who was feeling a bit grumpy after her nap.

She made sure that James and I focused on each other, capturing very sweet moments between the two of us, rather than taking our attention away from each other to stage a photo. We wanted our wedding to capture Vermont’s natural beauty, and Amanda did just that. During the ceremony, I never felt she was being intrusive, or that cameras were flashing in my face, and yet the photos she captured during the ceremony were so beautiful!

At the reception she was equally brilliant at capturing how much fun everyone was having, without making them feel self conscious or even aware that she was there documenting it all. Perhaps the moment that best captured how truly incredible Amanda is at her job, is when she began doing silly frog jumps to help a capture a particular wiggly ring bearers attention.

Amanda- We cannot thank you enough for guiding us through our wedding day start to finish. You are an incredible photographer and amazing person. We never get tired of flipping through the beautiful photos that you took on our wedding day. Each time they spur a different memory, and remind us of what an incredible day it was. We have already discussed it, and when we are ready to grow our family, there is no one else we could possible imagine photographing our future little ones!”
James & Katie – June 21, 2014