The Ponds Wedding :: Chris & Michelle

Chris & Michelle :: September 6, 2015
Ceremony & Reception Venue :: The Ponds at Bolton Valley
DJ :: Paul Pecor Super Sounds (the BEST!!!)
Michelle’s Dress :: Galina
Bridesmaid’s Dresses :: Donna Morgan
Hair :: Simplicity Salon & Spa
Makeup :: Mirror Mirror

Chris & Michelle were married on a bluebell sky spectacular Vermont day. I think they thought by having an early September wedding it might be a bit cooler but someone had other plans and it was unseasonably hot….not quite fall yet! I started the day with Michelle and her ladies at their house where things were relaxed and everyone was having a fun time reminiscing. From there we drove up to the Ponds for Chris & Michelle’s first look. We did all the photos beforehand which meant that Chris & Michelle were able to fully enjoy their guests and the party. A close family friend of Michelle’s created the flowers and the room looked stunning – very understated and elegant. Paul Pecor kept people on the dance floor and it was just a really fun day. Enjoy the photos!
An eyelash for good luck and a lovely reaction (that quickly turned teary!) as Mom saw Michelle’s finished makeup
Meanwhile my second shooter Ben was at The Essex with Chris & his guys as they got ready




I loved this moment when Michelle’s Dad saw her for the first time – it was so sweet and I think we all teared up!
1st look!




Beautiful details

A close family friend officiated and was wonderful




There were a few tears during the personal and emotional vows




The Ponds provides a perfect spot to do a full wedding photo – I wish we had thought to do it when we were married!
Mr. & Mrs!!
I never know quite whether there will be a dip and where/when it will happen but this time I was in the right spot at the right time!

My favorite image



A little cake on the nose is good luck I think!



Caught Ben’s flash on this one and I love the look! They were LAUNCHING Chris up into the air!

Hope you had a fabulous trip to Maine!

Jackie & Anthony’s Coach Barn Wedding at Shelburne Farms


Jackie & Anthony (along with their fur-babies Mocha & Bruno) were married on September 5 with a ceremony and reception at the Coach Barn on Shelburne Farms.

I love the story of how Jackie and Anthony met, told to me by Jackie:

“We met 10 years ago at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had just arrived from Ecuador and secured my first job in the United States. Anthony approached me only a couple of days after being hired and asked me to help him find where the hair dryers go despite being a seasoned veteran at the store. To this day, he says that lame excuse to talk to me was the best thing he ever did. We went out on the first of many dates and the rest is history as they say.”

The day of the wedding, I met up with Jackie and her ladies at her house after they returned from the salon. It was fun seeing the pooches were also getting ready at the house!


Mocha and Bruno await their treats for sitting so nicely!

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0002 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0003 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0004 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0005 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0006

From there, I headed to Shelburne Farms to meet up with the boys to do some photos of them.

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0007 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0008 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0009

Then I headed up to the Inn to do photos with the girls and Jackie’s family before returning to the Coach Barn for the ceremony and the rest of the party!

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0010 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0011 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0012 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0013 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0014 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0015

Jackie’s Grandmother, who she was incredibly close to, passed away a few months ago. As a tribute to her, Anthony gave Jackie a necklace with her grandmother’s birthstone in it, which Jackie wore that day. It was a very emotional moment when she opened the gift.

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0016 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0017 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0018

The ceremony was officiated by a close family friend of Jackie’s, and it was so very personal, heartfelt, and meaningful. It was the perfect balance – with lots of poignant moments and a healthy sprinkle of light moments – that provoked the sweetest reactions from both the bride and groom.

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0019 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0020 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0021 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0022 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0023 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0024 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0025

Jackie has the most wonderful smile!

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0026 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0027 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0028 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0029 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0030 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0031

It was a “little” balmy that day so Jackie & Anthony retreated to the Coach Barn after the ceremony to re-hydrate and cool off a bit!

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0032 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0033 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0034

Jackie’s Manolo Blahnik shoes were given to Jackie by Anthony as a present back in 2008. She said then that she’d save them for a special occasion……and she did!


The west hall was beautifully and simply decorated for the party. I love smaller Coach Barn weddings where everything happens in one place – so intimate!

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0037 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0038

Mocha & Bruno came for a visit and for some official photos with their newly married parents! They are dogs but they were so excited it felt a bit like herding cats – thankfully Jackie & Anthony took it in stride and just cracked up at their antics!

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0039 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0040 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0041

Let’s get this party started!

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0042 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0043 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0044 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0045 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0046 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0047 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0048 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0049 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0050 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0051 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0052 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0053 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0054 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0055 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0056 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0057 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0058 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0059 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0060 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0061 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0062 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0063 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0064 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0065 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0066 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0067

Caught in the act!

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0068 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0069

It was a breath-taking evening.

Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0070 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0071 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0072 Coach-Barn-wedding-Shelburne-Farms-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0073

Jackie & Anthony – what a spectacular day! Thank you for trusting me with these moments, I felt so warmly welcomed by both of your families. Congratulations to you!


Venue :: Shelburne Farms
Catering :: Let’s Pretend
Florist :: Schoolhouse Garden
DJ :: Hector Cobeo
Jackie’s Dress :: Melissa Sweet
Hair :: Paragon Hair Design
Cake :: Irene’s Cakes by Design
Second Shooter :: Jamy Beecher

La Tourterelle Wedding :: Sarah & Scott


Sarah & Scott were married on August 22 with a ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in Middlebury, VT, followed by a reception at La Tourterelle.

I love their engagement story…..Scott is a college lacrosse coach, and after coming home from a long day of recruiting on a weekday, he decided to pop the question late that night. He had heard back about a job that day and knew that he would soon be relocating to Massachusetts to take a position with the UMass Lowell River Hawks, and he also knew that Sarah was anxious to hear about it and to possibly move back to New England (her home). So, he combined the two exciting announcements!

He put the ring in an envelope along with a bunch of brochures from UMass Lowell and the city of Lowell, then addressed it to her and brought it inside, telling her that she had missed some mail. She ripped open the envelope and saw the brochures and realized that they would be moving!

Unfortunately, the ring had fallen onto the floor when she ripped open the envelope, so Scott had to kindly inform her that something had fallen out of the envelope, and he wondered if she was interested in it.

Sarah was caught a bit off-guard, since she was half-ready for bed, with wet hair wrapped in a towel, but after a few excited phone calls to family, they threw on some nice clothes and went out to celebrate!

On the day of the wedding itself, I met up with Sarah and Scott right before their ceremony as everyone was gathered downstairs in the church. My second shooter, Teddy Yeager, was also there with me, and we jumped right in!

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0001 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0002 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0003 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0004 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0005 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0006 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0007 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0008 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0009 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0010

As the end of the ceremony drew closer & Scott & Sarah were putting the rings on you could tell they both relaxed and started to really enjoy themselves.

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0011 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0012 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0013

This little guest climbed out of her parent’s arms to see the action firsthand!

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0014 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0015 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0016

The ceremony was amazing, and it was obvious that everyone there truly loved this couple.

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0017 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0018 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0019 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0020 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0021 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0023 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0024

I loved Scott’s socks and the fact that Sarah ditched her shoes to be more comfortable.


Of course Marley had to be in a few photos!

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0001-1 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0026 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0027 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0028 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0030 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0031 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0032 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0033 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0034

We arrived to Tourterelle with plenty of time so Sarah bustled her dress and the party kicked off early!


Cornhole was a big hit and I have to say I was quite impressed with the skills and high point scoring I saw!

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0035 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0037 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0038 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0039 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0040

The group from Dickinson college.

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0041 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0042 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0043

The reception kicked off and I thought it was so cool that, instead of a traditional first dance, Sarah and Scott organized an awesome lip-sync-off! The bride kicked things off, and then Scott took his turn, followed by the ladies of the bridal party, and finally, the guys rounded us out. It was such a fun and unique way to kick off the party and had everyone in stitches!

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0044 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0045 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0046 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0047 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0048 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0049 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0050 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0051 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0052 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0053 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0054 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0055 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0056

Never have I seen such awesome expressions for a cake cutting—this cracked me up while I was editing!!

La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0057 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0058 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0059 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0060 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0061 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0062 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0063 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0064 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0065 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0066 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0067 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0068 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0069 La-Tourterelle-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0070

Sarah & Scott, thank you again for allowing me to be part of this amazing time in your lives! Your wedding was so much fun, and I wish you the very best in your futures together!


Ceremony :: St. Mary’s Church Middlebury
Reception :: La Tourterelle
Florist :: Stray Cat Flowers
Band :: Good Will & Them Apples
Sarah’s Dress :: Allure Romance Collection 
Bridesmaid’s Dresses :: Alfred Sung
Hair & Makeup :: Reflections
Videographer :: Stoilov Studio
Cake :: Sweet Simone’s

Burlington Family Photos

These boys are always fun and as they get older and less interested in me and my camera it’s a fun challenge to engage them in a natural way. Our time together ended in a quick moving downpour and we ran for cover – before that we had fun climbing fences, racing, and watching their pooches antics. Thanks for a great morning!


















Mount Washington Wedding :: Meredith & AJ


Meredith and AJ were married on August 15th with a ceremony and reception at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel.

AJ proposed to Meredith one night after Taco Tuesday at Arts Riot in Burlington, VT. He had convinced her to go out with him and enjoy the sunset at Shelburne Farms—a place that they both enjoyed as a quiet retreat for an evening walk after a long day or a quiet drive over the Adirondacks. Although the farms are usually pretty busy, what with their gorgeous gardens that overlook Lake Champlain, it was quiet that evening, and AJ knew that the peaceful clouds and calm night had given him the perfect opportunity! And from there, the rest is history!

It was wonderful spending the whole weekend with Meredith & Andrew. I met up with them on Friday for their rehearsal and then photographed their rehearsal dinner (photos to come) at the Golf Clubhouse. I love going to rehearsal dinners because I get to know all the most important people and also because I learn so much more about the couple.


These welcome bags were so sweet and the Smores made a great late night snack post wedding!


On the day of the wedding, I started out with the girls, who were getting ready in two adjoining rooms. With 7 bridesmaids and 3 younger ladies in the party—plus the hair and makeup team!—it was a bit of a tight squeeze, but Meredith’s calm and relaxed energy had translated to the whole group.

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0002 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0003 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0007

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0009 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0010 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0011 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0012 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0013

At the same time, my second shooter, Alanna Scully, was with the boys as they were toasting each other and hanging out.

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0004 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0005 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0006

The ever-unflappable Meredith just rolled with it as the weather, which had looked clear in the days leading up to the wedding, kept changing about every hour on the day of the ceremony. But as it turns out, not a drop of rain fell, and the skies were sunny and clear—hooray!


We met up with AJ for their first look on a bridge heading to the golf course, and after some time with just the two of them, we met up with the rest of the bridal party and family for formals.

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0014 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0015 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0016 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0017 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0018 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0019 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0020 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0021 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0022 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0023 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0024 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0025 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0026

The ceremony took place as planned on the Jewell Terrace, and after being announced as Mr. & Mrs. Meredith and AJ were led out by a bagpiper—a nod to both of their Scottish heritage! The ceremony was amazing, and their vows were so heartfelt. I loved how AJ kept reaching out to touch Meredith’s shoulder as he listened and how he put his arm around her immediately when she got to the front of the aisle—and didn’t let go.

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0027 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0028 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0029 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0030 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0031 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0032 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0033 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0034 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0035 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0036 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0037 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0038 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0039 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0040 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0041

As they were exiting the ceremony, AJ did a heel tap to express his happiness! It was such a spontaneous moment that made everyone laugh and smile.


After that, there was a cocktail hour to enjoy on the Omni’s beautiful and wide terrace, then a blast of a reception in the Grand Ballroom! Meredith’s nieces and nephews are so clearly significant to her, and I loved watching them as they were so proud to be in the wedding party—and so fun to be around all day!

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0043 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0044 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0045 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0046

Tables were named after favorite mountains and lakes – a nod to their love of the outdoors

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0047 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0048 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0049 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0050 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0051 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0053 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0054 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0055-1 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0055 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0056 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0057 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0058 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0059 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0060 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0061 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0064 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0065 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0066

When dinner got boring the kids had an impromptu gymnastics recital in the hallway – it was pretty impressive!

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0067 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0068

When we were waiting for Meredith to make her way over for the cake cutting a guest took matters into his own hands!

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0069 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0070 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0071 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0072 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0073 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0074 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0075 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0076

Kicking off the party (and man was it a party!)

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0077 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0078

It was fun to have Katie & Andy as guests at the wedding – Andy provided many light moments during the day.

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0079 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0080

A perfectly timed photo bomb by Mac!!


The limbo got crazy

Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0082 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0083 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0084 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0085 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0086 Mt-Washington-Omni-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography-WEB_0087

Yummy popcorn!


Really quickly, I do want to take a moment to recognize the whole team at The Omni and especially Ken Lopes, who was AMAZINGLY helpful in every way. He was an expert chauffeur as we drove around the beautiful property to do photos and had been kind enough to take me around the day before so I could scope out spots. Thank you!


And thank you especially to Meredith & AJ! You both are such wonderful lights in each other’s lives and the lives of those around you. It’s clear how much love and care you have for those who are important to you, and I wish you the very best in your future together!


Venue: Omni Hotel Mt. Washington
Invitations: Christa Alexandra Designs
Flowers: Ivy & Aster Floral Design
Band: Redline
Mer’s Dress: Monique L’huillier
Gown Boutique: L’Elite
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Amsale
Hair: Laura Verdoia
Makeup: Suzanne Hewett