Blurb Family Albums

Before Norah was born I was brainstorming about how I would handle the (HUGE!) volume of photos I knew I’d be taking. I researched album companies and thought I had come up with a solution…..4x6s printed with a border and put into a book (perhaps a Kolo Album). Well fast forward to when I made my first photo order about 2 months after she was born – I ordered 400 photos and would have filled up two books. Whoah geez – hold the phone! I realized that if I continued at this pace I’d need a whole room in my house devoted to holding albums which wouldn’t work.

So then I started looking into coffee table style albums that could hold a LOT of photos! I found Artifact Uprising whose style I LOVED but they didn’t offer the 12×12 size I thought I would want. So I re-assessed and settled on Blurb books. They can hold up to 220 pages in each book which allows me to use tons of photos and they often run sales up to 40% off so the price is right too. Now what I do is design a book and wait for a sale! So far I’ve done 2008-2015 but I hope to perhaps go back to 2002 when I met Jeff (which means scanning negatives….so we’ll see!) so we really have a family library.

I will say that with that number of photos the quality of the paper is not quite as good (i.e. heavy) as I might like and I do wonder how the spines will hold up over time with lots of page throughs…..time will tell. I just ordered my 2015 and had to split it into Volume 1 & 2 – I think that will definitely become a trend! I design the albums in Smart Albums which is a product I L.O.V.E.

See some photos below but each month is split with a collage of Instagram photos and then I go back and label books by hand with little captions just so it’s personalized. I haven’t shown them to Norah yet as I know she’ll want to look through them herself which would be dangerous but as a child I LOVED looking at photos so I can imagine she will as well. Also I incorporated Norah’s weekly and monthly photos at the back and a collage of crafting projects (not shown).

So many happy memories!







Recommended :: The Other Boleyn Girl

I FINALLY got back to reading last week and picked up “The Other Boleyn Girl” which many people had recommended to me. I loved it and stayed up way too late a few nights in a row voraciously reading it. It’s historical fiction so it was nice to feel like I was learning a little (!!) something while reading it. I’m curious about this author’s other books as I so enjoyed this and would highly recommend it!

Shelburne Farms Guest Book

I LOVED Meredith & Andrew’s engagement photos so was so happy when they decided to do a guest book for their beautiful Mt. Washington wedding. They chose a saddle leather cover and Meredith even sent me some old family photos to incorporate which I loved. Enjoy a few highlights!