Norah Fall Photos

My love of photography started as a child looking through old family photos. Now I take pleasure in documenting Norah’s life and creating the albums that she’ll look back at for years to come. I find the volume of photos I take ebbs and flows but at least a few times each month I try to pick up my real camera instead of the ever present Iphone and take some photos of what her life is like. They’re so much fun to look back on and already bring me back and help me remember little details I have forgotten.

Smoothies in the morning. Berry picking with Beama. Her first trip to the Shelburne Museum. A stage of maximum hair accessories.

In mid September we met up with my best friend Sarah in NYC and took a few days to enjoy the city. We didn’t get too much further than exploring the playgrounds of Central Park but we had a ball.

New York sure does playgrounds well – there were about 5 within a 10-15 minute walk and the girls loved it.

Little monkeys at the Central Park zoo

Playing in the fountains at the playground on E. 72nd street

Loving tackle hugs

A trip to Dylan’s candy bar

Back in Vermont picking apples with cousins

Still sleeping on the floor with Baby Sammy tucked in close by

Stretching out summer with popsicles on the porch

Learning that her new sibling would be a sister!

The hand me down dress from her cousin Fia that she wouldn’t take off until mid October when the Switch Witch came and swapped her summer clothes for fall

Bathtime giggles

Falling asleep with her baby carrier attached (and baby inside!)

Pushing babies everywhere and visiting Wally

An Indian summer day which we soaked in

Learning to pour milk all by herself

A visit from Grandma & Grandpa and a trip to Shelburne Farms for tractor day

Dinnertime antics with Dad

Another beloved hand me down dress

Playdate with her cousin Juna (wearing all of Norah’s old clothes – so fun to see them again!)

Mamma’s growing belly

The night that Strider got skunked (love to my Husband who took care of it)

Spectacular foliage

The perfect autumn day visiting Dad at High Acres

And a trip to Nana’s beach with the doggies

Driving home!!!

Going a little overboard with applesauce!!

A trip down to the lake for a few days of recharging and business planning with friends

Pumpkin carving with Dad

And her first time trick or treating dressed up as a ladybug

Life is so very sweet these days!

Vermont Landvest Properties

For the past few years I’ve worked with the Vermont Landvest team to photograph most of their properties. They truly offer the best of the best in Vermont so I’ve been privileged to see some truly stunning properties. Most of what I photograph is within an hour or so of Charlotte but occasionally I go further afield which is also fun. Some of these properties have already sold (Ave & Wade are VERY good at what they do!) but more information on the remaining ones can be found by visiting their site. Winter is always a quiet time for real estate photography but I know as soon as those leaves pop out I’ll have a long list!

Matted Leather Queensberry Album

Jessup & Patrick chose a 10×10 Royal Blue Classic Matted Queensberry Album to display their wedding photos in. Inside black mats with white borders lent a timeless look. Enjoy a few of my favorite spreads.

Jessup sent in her invitation to be mounted at the beginning of the book – a great detail.

Recommended :: The Underground Railroad

I recently finished “The Underground Railroad” as part of a book club group and I could not put it down. The rich characters in this book draw you in and carry you through the more brutal details of their experiences with slavery. It was certainly not an easy book to read at times but a very worthwhile one that I would highly recommend.

Rehearsal Dinner Photos

I always love photographing rehearsal dinners because it lets me get to know who all the important players are and gets them familiar with me and my style – by the next day we’re old friends! When I arrived to photograph Cory & Molly’s rehearsal dinner the sky was almost black and a huge huge storm was blowing in. They made it through the rehearsal but about 5 minutes later the skies opened up, and rain and wind began to blow through the tent soaking everything.

Led by Cory, everyone lent a hand to move tables away from the edges and try to right things that had been knocked over.

Thankfully everyone kept their cool as plans for the next day (the forecast was similarly dire) were discussed.

People tried to make the most of the rain!

And there was jubilation (and craft beer!) when it finally stopped raining

Love this quiet moment of Cory and his Grandma

Younger guests finally succumbed sometimes with a little help from Mom!

A toast of cosmos to celebrate the memory of Molly’s Mom

And wonderful toasts and roasts by the Dads

A scrapbook of family recipes was the hit of the evening

It was a very fun night!