Norah November & December 2016

Lots of fun memories here!
Supervising Jonathan & Ethan making glass on an unseasonably warm November 1st (Norah was barefoot!)

Natural consequences of making a mess

Ready for her first sleepover at Beama’s house and looking like a teenager!


Jeff got a drone!

Still loves her babydolls

Third birthday – picked her up early from school and took her bowling and then to dinner at Archie’s!

Making her birthday cake with Beama

More warm weather calls for skooting in bare feet!


A small celebration with friends and family

Burping her baby and carrying ALL the things!

Thanksgiving at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa

Bedtime delaying tactic? Her doll Molly had to go to the bathroom!

She barely fits in there anymore!

Picking out our Christmas tree

The Polar Express!

Scenes from the bathtub

Sledding at High Acres with cousins

Belly getting bigger!

Christmas at home with Bapa, Grannie, and Jon!

Naughty doggies!!!

Happy (Christmas!) birthday Bapa!

To the lake for a few days with her bestie Emily

Boys and their toys….more drone fun.

The shower was the biggest hit they could have played in there for HOURS.

A New Year’s Eve walk!

Crafting Progress 2016

Well this post has been a looooooong time coming. So long that it’s likely I’ve forgotten a few finishes but here’s a roundup of what I’ve been up to over the past year or so crafting wise. I LOVE to craft – quilting, making, creating – it feeds my soul. Thankfully Norah (and now Julia!) for the most part have grown up with me doing this so on certain days I can make for 30-45 minutes at a time while they play independently (less for Julia at this point obviously). I talk about work with Norah and she does “work” at her desk while I do my crafting work. She also loves helping me – cutting my chain piecing apart, choosing which fabric to go next if I’m not following a precise pattern, and just generally playing with fabric. Just as I love to read hoping that Norah will take to it I love creating next to and with her hoping she’ll also develop a love of sewing and crafting. So….onto the projects!

By the way I have been trying to be better about photographing projects and posting them on Instagram so have created a hashtag so I can keep all the crafting goodness in one place :: CHECK IT OUT HERE

I created this gumdrop pillow as a test for making a larger gumdrop quilt to see if it was worth it (of course at that point I had already cut at least 500 gumdrops out so it wasn’t really a question). Well – I loved it so continued on to the larger quilt!

This quilt has since been finished and bound by the wonderful Kathy but I forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to a friend – oops!

A quilt of scraps – the pattern is disappearing nine patch

Another disappearing nine patch with scraps!

Finally finished my stocking. I’m about 15% done with Norah’s and then will start on Julia’s – oy!

I made this quilt from scraps (lots of scraps!) from an Outhouse quilt I made for Jeff’s parents which I realized I never blogged. See – already missing one!

A mini doll quilt for Norah

A quilt to be donated to the Junior League’s Festival of Wreaths

Norah’s baprons were quite ratty so I made these new ones for Julia to use once she starts eating

A tree skirt for my Dad and Annie

A Rainbow Run quilt

And a second rainbow run quilt since I am TERRIBLE at math and cut lots of extra squares – oy!

2 rice packs for warming in the microwave and warming cold winter toes!

A little Apron for Norah that is already too small…..I need to make another one!

Doll sleeping bags for Norah for Christmas using this pattern

I was hoping to make this to hold all my quilting patterns but it’s too floppy so instead will store all my thread!

Here it is the famous gum drop quilt in all its glory – it’s a little bigger than twin size and I LOVE it!!

I had Kathy quilt “To Norah Love Mamma December 2016” on the bottom – an heirloom I hope!

A Jelly Roll Jam quilt using Kate Spain’s beautiful fabric

And finally I needed a way to organize my scraps so I made some rainbow buckets from the book Sunday Morning Quilts – I don’t have space for a neutral basket (or event better to further separate black/white/brown/gray) but need one! Maybe in lady cave 2.0 I’ll find enough room for all the colors!

A close up – I tried to use all my favorite scraps on the outside

Queensberry Leather Wedding Album

I think Cat might win the award for speediest bride ever to order an album – I placed this order less than a month after her wedding. Just goes to show that if you’re motivated I’m right there with you!

Cat & John chose a classic 10×10 Queensberry matted album for their images. One of their favorite photos was inset on the black leather cover and inside black mats with white borders mean a timeless album that will never go out of style. This was SUCH a fun wedding!

VT Newborn:: Olivia

There is nothing better than a fresh little newborn – this lady was about 10 days old when I met her and she was very well behaved during our time together. I love how proudly parents show off their baby and it was fun to capture this wonderful family!

Favorite VT Wedding Photo

It’s been awhile since I shared a couple’s favorite photo so here are Cat & John’s from their Basin Harbor Wedding last summer…..

From John: “My favorite photograph from the day is a photo of us in red and green adirondack chairs during our first look. The adirondack chairs are a big part of Basin Harbor and symbolize the relaxing, carefree nature of BHC.”

From Cat: “My favorite photograph from the day is a photo of us from our first dance. We took a few dance lessons in Nashville to prepare for it. The classes were really fun and we felt confident going into it. We didn’t feel stressed during the real thing and we we’re able to just enjoy the moment. I think our dance teacher would be happy with our form and the dip we pulled off at the end!”

Thanks for sharing!