2nd Birthday Party

Last weekend when I was up in Vermont photographing the Shelburne Farms Spring Soiree I stopped by Gray’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday afternoon. They got lucky with the weather and everyone had a grand time toddling around their backyard, exploring, and eating yummy things – exactly what a 2nd birthday party should be!

Remember Ross & Annie? This is their little guy Brewster – love that blond hair!

The birthday boy Gray (who has grown quite a bit since our portraits last summer!) Going down the slide holding hands is always the best way to go 🙂

Missing a shoe is also suggested

Such a cutie

Ross & Brewster

And the whole family including new addition Mason (9 weeks) who was snuggling against Mom 🙂 It’s so fun to see former brides and grooms enter that next stage of life!

Hanging on to Georgia (his yellow lab) while she sniffles around for dropped crumbs!

The birthday boys wait for their cupcakes….yes Jackson and Gray share a birthday 🙂

It was a bit windy so all the candles had blown out on the way from the house

But resourceful Laura re-lit them so Gray and Jackson could have their birthday moment 🙂

Sweet homemade decorations

Wine for the grownups and juiceboxes and chocolate milk for the kiddos….perfect 🙂

Happy family + cupcake 🙂

So glad I could stop by!!