I just finished a really good book that I’d highly recommend. I love reading but unfortunately it’s been a long time since I’ve read a really good one that I didn’t want to put down….this is it!

And (I feel like a huge dork saying this) it made me want to get back into knitting. I started my craftiness as a middle schooler with cross stitch and needlepoint projects and took up quilting in college. I’ve knit before but my stitches are always way too tight and I get frustrated.

But today I visited my local knitting shop and received some pointers on what I was doing wrong. So I’m off an running on a simple scarf just to get me back into it. Hopefully after that I’ll tackle more difficult projects!

Go read!

PS – Isn’t it just THE WORST when you finish a great book and wish there was more. Harumph! Now I have to find a new great book 🙂 Anyone have any suggestions?