A visit with Strider’s Brother!

A few weeks ago I got an email from a girl named Katharine. It turns out that Katharine’s dog Samson is one of Strider’s litter mates! Strider & Samson are both Rosemont Labradors.

Of course we think they are the absolute best dogs in the world and just knew we had to meet up. Katharine lives in Massachusetts and I had plans to visit my cousins Will & Sarah that next week so we met up for a serious doggie playdate. The playdate eventually included Will & Sarah’s dogs Grit and Cole as well….it was a yellow labrador explosion and we had a great time watching everyone get to know each other 🙂

There was a lot of sniffing. A lot of wagging tails. And a LOT of wrestling…everyone went home tired 🙂

Do you see a resemblance? It was like photographing my own dog 🙂 Samson is slightly shorter and slightly skinnier than Strider but he is just as handsome!

They got right into it and we speculated and wondered whether they knew they were Brothers!

Play nice now!

I was happy to see that Strider is not the only one who gets devil eyes when he gets really into wrestling 🙂

Grit wants in on the fun!

Grit and Strider give Samson a sniff 🙂

While Cole sensibly stays out of all that puppy play!

Strider refs as Grit & Samson get into it 🙂

Katharine – it was so fun to meet you and Samson! We’ll have to do it again!