Adirondack Vacation

This summer I made a promise that each summer month I’d leave myself a free weekend to take a break and spend time with family. In June and July that meant heading up to the lake but in August we ventured back to the Adirondacks where we hadn’t been since 2007 so it was great to be there again.

Our cousins Will & Sarah spend a chunk of time there each August with their doggies so we de-camped for the weekend and had a blast.

There’s lots of wildlife….even in the cabin 🙂

The first day we spent a few hours four wheeling – Jeff was in heaven 🙂 I was hanging on for dear life!!

Coozan dogs. Born on the same day in different states 🙂

Exploring the Adirondack park

Trail clearing as we go!

Hmmmm…..wall of branches – pretty 🙂

Our gracious hosts 🙂

Cocktail time!

Cole is the patriarch of the family – a very good dog.


This photo will determine whether you are a true dog lover or not 🙂

True dog lovers will chuckle knowingly.

Those who aren’t so keen on dogs will recoil in disgust.

Dogs will be dogs 🙂

Grit loves to chase Strider 🙂

The second day we went about 1/4 mile down the road to pull a beaver dam.

Beavers like to dam up wet areas to flood them and give themselves more habitat. Unfortunately this can wreak havoc on the lake that the water flows into so our task that day was to pull the beaver dams out (sticks, mud, rocks, etc.) and get the water flowing again.

Yes I now realize my outfit is something out of a bad 1970s sitcom….oh well. When you’re in the Adirondacks and no one else is around you tend not to notice 🙂 It was tiring work but oh so satisfying as the water went from a trickle to a flow to a flood!

The dogs got very dirty on their adventure and slept the rest of the afternoon 🙂

That night we built a fire and roasted some marshmallows 🙂

Jeff glances up at the fighter jet flying overhead (they do training exercises over the park)

Corn shucked and ready to go!

A hike up Mt. Lila the next day

Showering in the lake!

I couldn’t choose between these next two – they both make me sigh in happiness and smile.