Alyssa’s Summer Baby Shower

A few weeks ago the day before Alyssa headed south to Texas I threw her a baby shower to celebrate the impending (early October) arrival of her first child

The for sale sign should say sold but either way it provided a perfect backdrop to direct people where to go. Joe & Alyssa both went to UNC and one of her friends had already gifted her this cute t-shirt

After much hemming and hawing over the decor I found this tutorial (via Pinterest of course!) on how to customize cloth diapers. My friend Megan made the adorable onesies and together we created a very sweet (if I do say so myself!) clothesline backdrop to the shower.

Megan made the onesies from a fabric panel that you can be FOUND HERE (and which I’ve already purchased) – so so cute!

The scene 🙂

Sutton posed very nicely for a photo of the whole set-up

For drinks I served:

Roasted Peach Lemonade via the Naptime Chef
Raspberry Mint Lemonade
– Arnold Palmers (Lemonade and Ice-T)
– White wine!
I found the chalkboard carafes at Pier 1 (BUY HERE) and loved them because they had tops. I didn’t take a close-up because the chalk was wickedly difficult to write with so is barely legible 🙂
The sunflowers I bought at a roadside stand as I was driving home to prepare for the shower (great timing!)
Hydrangeas were cut from Alyssa’s garden and arranged by her Mother in cowboy boots I had brought along for the occasion as a nod to their Texas destination!
Megan brought along the adorable sugar cookies in the shape of feet 🙂 Since Alyssa isn’t finding out what she’s having she kept it gender neutral!

The shower was from 2:30-4:30 so food was light and portable.

– Various Cheeses and Crackers
– Crudite (carrots, celery, and peppers)
– Guacamole, Salsa, and Tzatziki w/ Corn Chips
– Veggie Crisps via Trader Joe’s

As I mentioned above Megan made the delicious cookies on the left. Our friend Hilary made the delights on the right (Strawberries Stuffed with a Cream Cheese Mixture and Oreo Truffles….yum)

A close up of the cowboy boot flower arrangement 🙂

Guests started to arrive and mingle 🙂

Remember Miles?

Once everyone arrived we started opening presents. So I could take pictures Megan kindly wrangled trash and kept things organized while Hilary kept a list of who had given what!

Cute cards 🙂

Alyssa loved the book “Hello, Texas!”

After the guests had left and Joe had returned home from golfing we took a few pictures of them in front of their first house

Bon Voyage – we’ll miss you!