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June 8, 2012

Over the years my second shooters have taken images of me in action on the wedding day. I’ve never done anything with them other than tuck then into a folder so I finally delved into it and did my best to find a close match of the corresponding image of what I was seeing.

From Jill & Ethan’s wedding

My friend Julia took the image on the left at Chris & Leigh’s rehearsal which is one of my favorite images of me shooting

The next day she snapped this one of me grabbing a shoe shot of Leigh’s cute ballerina flats!

A photo of Ashley getting ready

And later that day I photographed a groom’s portrait of Mark with a bit of help from one of his groomsmen

A relaxed family portrait at Patrick & Stephanie’s wedding

And that same day I snapped a photo for a guest on their own camera (which I’m happy to do if we’re not in a time crunch!)

Later that summer we lined Jessie & Joe’s bridal party up on the steps of the church where they got married to mimic a photo from Jessie’s parent’s wedding (they had been married at the same church)

And after leaving the church we did bridal party portraits at a friend’s house on the water

Then headed over to the Stamford Yacht club where I perched on the roof to capture an overall of the guests at the wedding (I love being able to get this shot when I can!)

Some cute little ones dancing at Kevin & Alex’s Mountaintop Wedding (they are expecting their own little one in a few weeks!!)

Annie shines despite the drizzly weather

A hosta provided the perfect perch for a ring shot at Devin & Alexa’s wedding

It was bright and sunny for Whitney & Andy’s Ponds at Bolton Valley Wedding but by placing the girls with their backs to the sun we used it to our advantage!

Another casual family portrait at Mary & Aaron’s wedding

A relaxed groom portrait of Sam before he gets hitched!

And an over the shoulder coming down the aisle shot also from Samily’s wedding 

I loved this barn at Avery’s house – the perfect spot for a bridal party portrait!

Charlito gives me a sniff at Pete & Kim’s wedding while I photograph his collar (Pete & Kim are also expecting a baby – super fun!!)

And also at that wedding I affix Pete’s boutonniere – a common occurrence as often nobody else knows how to put it on!

I also specialize in removing bugs from dresses (in this case Talley’s) – for some reason bugs love wedding dresses and especially love getting caught between the layers

Later that afternoon I went up in a lift to capture the parade – now THAT was a fun first!

Capturing Zack & Laura’s first look 🙂

Some family photos at Chris & Emily’s wedding 

And later that day photographing their neat place card display (it was on a swinging wooden fence that led into dinner)

Sneaking to the other side during Dave & Denise’s ceremony

And one final one from Laura & Andrew’s Round Barn wedding – sometimes you just need to get in the bathtub to get the shot 🙂

I have my last free weekend for quite a while so Jeff & I are heading up to the lake just the two of us – I can’t wait!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend


[…] Photo Credit: Orchard Cove Photography […]

photographer extraordinaire who isn’t afraid of heights (or bathtubs!) AND bug-picker-boutonniere-pinner?? love!

Oh, these were so fun!!

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