Anna & Dan – October 18, 2008

On Saturday I had the PLEASURE of shooting with Justin & Mary Marantz at Anna & Dan’s wedding. Last summer I shot with Justin & Mary regularly but with my own couples to take care of this year this is my first second shooting gig of the season. It was so fun to take a back seat and really be able to look around and try new things. Justin & Mary have so much enthusiasm and so much love for their couples….we had a great day!

We started off at the salon on Saturday morning with Anna and her bridesmaids…they filled every chair!

The Marantz’s looking adorable as ever 🙂

A bride’s work is never done…even a few hours before the wedding!

Come on – how cute is this PUG???!!!

One thing I really enjoyed doing was shooting Mary and Justin shooting! As I’ve shot weddings this year with my Assistants I’ve kept a folder of images they’ve taken of me shooting and they are really fun to have. I tried to provide a few to Justin & Mary!

Here Anna’s sisters help her get dressed!

I’ve never seen a crowd like this one waiting to see a bride come down the stairs – it was so emotional to see everyone tear up at the sight of Anna.

Beautiful fall colors pop against the dresses!

COME ON Part #2 – look at the sign! These kids were so well behaved both coming down the aisle and being introduced at the reception – no tears at all!

At this particular church we were required to stay five rows from the front and not go any closer. A bummer but also an opportunity to get cool wider shots!

A bubbly getaway 🙂

Justin & Mary back in action….they are like super heroes 🙂

A beautiful cake

There was electric energy in the room as Anna & Ben were announced in and I love how they spontaneously ran around the circle of their friends getting high fives 🙂

This guy was TEARING IT UP on the dance floor and the floor was packed the whole night!

Justin & Mary – thank you so much for having me along – it was a blast as always!!