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March 25, 2014


I don’t usually blog about specific articles but this one resonated with me SO much I thought it deserved its own post.


Time. In this day and age we’re all busy and all have a ton going on but this is a nice reminder that time is what you make of it and every day you have choices about what to do and how to spend that time. For a long time I’ve tried to adjust my vocabulary from “I didn’t have time to do X, Y, Z” to “I didn’t make time to do X, Y, Z” because if we’re all being honest with ourselves I think we could make time for a lot of things we want to do.

For me the biggest time suck is non-important computer/phone time. I haven’t bought an IPAD and don’t plan to simply because I feel like I already spend way too much time on the computer for work. I also sometimes find it relaxing to zone out by being on Facbeook, Pinterest, or reading blogs but for me it’s important to remember that when I do those things it’s at the expense of doing other (perhaps more productive) things that I also enjoy – crafting, gardening, reading, exercising, etc.

Since Norah was born I have certainly become much more productive and aware of the limited time I have when she’s sleeping to get work done. I’ve made a concerted effort to really limit my screen time in front of her and be present. I read about a “be present” box where you can put your electronics to serve as a little reminder that checking email is not something you need to do at this very minute – I plan to make one soon.

Also a few years ago I bought this print for myself and several friends – it remains one of my favorite quotes.

I hope you all live with intention today and make choices based on awareness and not from habit.

Have a great day!


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