Ashley & Mark – Engagement

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing Ashley and Mark in and around Mystic, Connecticut. They will be getting married in September at the Noank Baptist Church and after meeting them I am even MORE excited to photograph their wedding (if it’s possible!)

Before our photo shoot they met with their minister who asked them each why they loved the other. Ashley answered “because he makes me laugh.” How true it was! Throughout the whole session I just had to sit back and let them interact – their chemistry and love for each other shone through in their expressions and body language….and I just snapped away!

We started out in the Noank Baptist Church – a beautiful light filled church just blocks away from the water.

I love the lines and also their expressions in this one

Out behind the church we found a cool fence and nice even lighting 🙂

Mark has the best expressions when he is looking at Ashley

We went down to the water and tried not to get blown off the dock – it was SO windy!

Into downtown Mystic for an ice cream soda 🙂

Ashley isn’t exactly a serious person. By that I mean it is impossible for her to stop smiling and laughing. This is the closest we got to a serious/moody expression….she said her face hurt from trying not to laugh 🙂

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image. The way her dress is poofed out from the wind, the light between them, the rocks, the sky – I just love it 🙂

On tippy toes for a kiss!

Enjoy your slideshow!

Ashley and Mark – it was such a pleasure to meet and photograph you – I am SO excited for your wedding! Have a great weekend with your family and a safe trip home.