Avenue of the Giants :: The Redwoods

After spending two nights in Mendocino we headed north some more to see the Redwoods. Honestly these photos don’t really do the Redwoods justice – they are simply magnificent and majestic. Impossibly tall and impossibly wide – they are spectacular and really put things in perspective. Along the road there are a number of pull-offs so we stopped at one and were able to take a loop road through this Redwood grove.

The rays of sun shining through the trees made me go ahhhhhhhh

Sunlight beams through Redwood trees

Venturing further into the grove we heard a slow groaning. At first we thought it was a far off chainsaw but as we kept walking we realized that a Redwood had partially fallen and was rubbing against another tree – creating a slow and beautiful sound. My Brother recorded it and wrote a story which you can listen to HERE.

Redwood trees along the Avenue of the Giants

We spent both night in Myers Flat which is a small town right in the middle of the Avenue of the giants. The next morning we set out again to visit more Redwood groves.

Man looks up at redwoods

We drove a while and let Jon off to spend a few hours in the Redwoods alone – very meditative I can imagine.

Canopy of redwood trees

My Dad and I took a walk through Founder’s Grove which has some of the largest Redwoods around – it was awe inspiring

Man ponders redwood trees

Later that afternoon we drove west along Mattole Road to visit California’s Lost Coast. This beach we found was completely deserted and beautiful.

Man runs along beach on California's lost coast


Man walks along beach on California's lost coast

Jon and I dueled with our cameras πŸ™‚


Dad caught out on this rock when a tide came in – oops!


The drive back to Ferndale was long – like ridiculously I thought we’d all go a little crazy long. I wouldn’t recommend starting the drive in the middle of the afternoon like we did (we left Myers Flat around 1:30). Instead take a whole day so you can stop on the beach for at least an hour or two. And beware the windy roads and total lack of anything along the way (i.e. make sure you have a full gas tank!!). Β It’s a beautiful drive but it is loooooooong.

The innkeeper had three sweet children that we had so much fun hanging out with.

Such hams πŸ™‚

The next day we drove back to Pacifica along the highway (we’d had enough of the windy roads!) and reached the Cove in the late afternoon. We chilled out and headed out to the beach for the sunset.


Spectacular sunset in Pacifica California


What a special trip – family is so so important to me and this trip will be something I’ll never forget

Most beautiful sunset


Love you Brother Bear and Popsicle!!