Avery’s Mom was gifted at her baby shower with a portrait shoot which I think is SUCH a nice gift – lasting memories vs. baby gear 🙂 It took Avery a little while to figure who I was and what I was doing with my huge camera but once she warmed up we had a great time.

Itsy Bitsy Spider makes her laugh 🙂

I love when kids are getting their teeth and you can see them poking out….Avery is way ahead of the game in the teeth department 🙂

Avery’s favorite book is “I Like Me” and she positively lights up when she hears it 🙂

Reading with Dad in his big comfy chair

The juxtaposition of big and little feet cracked me up 🙂

She loves helping to turn the pages

Mirror time is always fun 🙂

Playing peek-a-boo with Dad in her nursery

High five 🙂

Avery liked hanging out in her crib too

A little snack ended our visit

It was such a pleasure to meet you!