Awesome Dinosaur Themed Wedding :: Ponds at Bolton Valley

October 13, 2018

When Samone & Trevor mentioned during their engagement photos that they were planning to have a dinosaur themed wedding I happily helped them brainstorm having no idea how AWESOME it would turn out to be. This was the dinosaur theme to end all dinosaur themes. There were cast life sized skeletons, a real dinosaur egg, appropriate vegetation and flowers (thanks to In Full Bloom), and countless figurines of every kind of dinosaur you could imagine hand painted in gold leaf by Samone’s dedicated Mamma! Samone & Trevor aren’t paleontologists they are just REALLY enthusiastic about dinosaurs…..and it rubbed off on everyone else! Each table was a different dinosaur and menu cards and on the flip side was information about them – educational AND fun! Guests were given favors of dinosaur eggs filled with (what else?!) – chocolate dinosaurs. Every single detail from start to finish was so lovingly and thoughtfully crafted and it showed. Are you ready to see how it all turned out? Read on!

Here was the team ::
Venue & Catering :: The Ponds at Bolton Valley
Florist :: In Full Bloom
DJ & Photobooth :: Top Hat Entertainment
Samone’s Dress :: Kleinfeld’s
Hair & Maktup :: Salon Elixir
Videography :: Forever Lucky Films
Dinosaur Skeleton Rental :: Taylor Made Fossils

Samone & Trevor were both so relaxed and happy the whole day – no stress for these two they were just thrilled to be marrying each other!

Matching robes and fun signs lettered by each bridesmaid noting their relationship to Samone meant everyone looked sharp!

Samone’s gown (wow was it a gown) was gorgeous and when Trevor saw it he said it was just so HER. It made her do a happy dance – you know it’s the one!

I went ahead to the Ponds to get some photos of the guys before the ladies came down from Bolton

NBD just some taekwondo moves from the guys…..and an errant groomsmen who forgot his customized pocket watch

You know how much I love when my couples do first looks – this one was so sweet and lovely with all their family and wedding party looking on from the porch!

Gorgeous floral details from In Full Bloom

As guests started to arrive Samone’s Mom helped her place her veil

A bridesmaid snagged cider donuts “to share” – a true Vermont fall wedding!

The ceremony kicked off with some family reading “A Lovely Love Story” which is a sweet book about…..dinosaur love of course! Samone & her Dad listened out of site

A little runaway veil moment but Samone took it in stride and everyone had a good giggle!

The officiant was a close friend of Samone’s family and has known her her entire life- he held up a copy of “The Land Before Time” and recounted that when she was little she was positively OBSESSED with the movie.

Married and celebrating with a glass of champagne on the dock

The florals were well thought out and crafted by the team at In Full Bloom

Rented dinosaur models formed the decor – every corner was filled with something!

Did I mention there were skeletons?

The paper suite of course complemented the theme right down to the stamp on the invitation – “You make my heart Saur”

And these were the amazingly researched and designed table cards/menus

The cake was decorated beautifully with dinosaurs peeking out!

There’s that authentic dinosaur egg I mentioned

Trevor’s ring is created from metal, moonstone, and dinosaur bones.

Dinosaur chocolate eggs with…..chocolate mini dinosaurs inside!

Sweet bathroom signs

All hands on deck – it’s hard work to look so fabulous!

A very sweet choreographed first dance

The sunset was a showstopper!

A friend composed a poem for them that was read right before the cake cutting

Dinosaur cupcake holders OF COURSE!

Oh yes indeed there were some life size skeletons!

Samone was perhaps a wee bit enthusiastic as she launched her bouquet across the room and it sailed over the ladies and knocked over a few glasses on a table (LOVE Dad’s expression as he moves out of the way!)

Take 2!

Most at the party were quite enthusiastic in their dancing (which made it a blast to photograph) and over the course of the evening this diorama got created piece by piece on the dance floor for people to dance around and through – that was a first!

I love that even the bartender Dan got in on the theme with this hilarious shirt

A sparkler exit ended the evening!

Congratulations Samone & Trevor – you knocked it out of the park!

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