Baby Ellie

Last week I had the pleasure of getting some newborn snuggle time when I went over to visit my friends Jen and Drew and meet their new baby Ellie. She is a very sweet and good baby and all are doing well! Strider and Sage came over too to help me tire out their dogs – success all around 🙂

The little lady was fast asleep when I got there 🙂

Happy dreams 🙂

New Dad Drew is smitten with his little girl!

The first pictures of Jen with Ellie – she’s usually behind the camera!

The puppies are adjusting pretty well!

Sammie starts guard 🙂

All snuggled in after nursing 🙂

A few family pictures outside

This cracks me up –

1st Picture – we like the idea – will she be ok? I mean – she’s only seven days old. Let’s leave the pacifier in and hold on tight.
2nd Picture – She’s just fine 🙂

See – she loves her chair!

Successful family picture involved Amanda howling at the dogs – you gotta do what you gotta do!

I can’t wait for more Ellie time soon!