Baby Noah

On Tuesday I traveled down to Brooklyn to visit an old high school friend Ghess and her new family! Baby Noah arrived on January 24th and everyone is in love 🙂 I can see why – he is a charmer!

He has the most amazing curls!

And uses his hands a lot -stretching them, flexing them, moving them around 🙂

He was still very sleepy when we got there – I love this one 🙂

He’s not a big fan of his crib so Ghess and J figured if they put him down there he might just wake up!

Adoring parents

oooo – here I am! I’m so cute!

Noah has his Dad’s big big eyes – they are like a mirror!

We went out on the patio to get some family pictures

A little smile!

Love this one of Dad bonding with his little guy

This has been fun and all but I think I’m ready for another nap!

Love how big J’s hands look on his little boy

And he’s down for the count!

It was so fun to see you and meet Noah – he’s a keeper 🙂

Big hugs to both of you!

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