Baby Shower

Back at the end of September my three close friends and cousin threw me the MOST beautiful and special baby shower a girl could ask for. It was so amazing to be surrounded by so much positive female energy (and to include my Man of Honor from my wedding my Brother Jon!) and I felt really lucky and excited for my daughter to be welcomed into this group. My close friend Sarah was the visual mastermind and the details were all so beautifully thought out….many have ended up as accents in our nursery which feels really special and a nice tie in.

A collage of some below….
– guests were invited to fill out “wishes for baby” cards which will make a lovely scrapbook for our daughter
– pink candles were sent home with guests
– pink overalls with a petite bunting spelling out “welcome” invited people into the shower
– the slightly feminine farm theme was just perfect
– people were invited to bring their favorite book which they filled out bookplates for so when I’m reading it we’ll know who it was from!
– Sarah sewed pennant banners that are now hung in our nursery to decorate the space
The amazing Sarah with six week old Emily!
Yes I know but I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of my own!
Sarah decorated delicious (think I had about three – they were amazing) cupcakes with the sweetest wee miniature pigs
My friend Blair came all the way from Boston for the day to celebrate – wish it didn’t pass like a wedding in the blink of an eye so I could have caught up with her more!
Happy reading!
Did I mention there were cupcakes? And that they were delicious?
The Mothers pulled together old photos of me and Jeff for this sweet display which now hangs in our laundry room – makes me smile every time I fold clothes!
The shower hostesses – oldest friend Carter, Sarah, Wendy, and cousin Heidi – this picture is in the nursery!
Wendy had a similar picture with her friend’s hands on her belly so we re-created it
Emily waited patiently while Mom posed for the photo
Let the tears begin – all the women gathered outside in a large circle (thankfully it was about 70 that day!). Each person got a bead (handed out by our God Daugther Fia) which they threaded on a necklace as they spoke a wish for our daughter, advice, or another thought. It was so emotional and SO incredibly special and I look forward to wearing that necklace during the delivery – good vibes!


The group!
People were so generous and we got the most marvelous and beautiful baby gifts – the vest on the right is from Jeff’s Grandmother and we joked it was perfect because we can’t lose her in the snow!!

Sarah brought the doggies some presents from her dogs Nellie & Nola!

Fia was in charge of corralling all of the ribbon which she brought home for her kitty Kenya to play with!
My oldest friend Carter flew up from DC for the weekend
With Man of Honor Jon, my Mother in Law Sharon, and my close friend Wendy
The doggies LOVED their treats
The whole day just felt like one big hug and when I look back on it it just brings a smile to my face – this little girl of ours is coming in to a lot of love and a very special group of people!