Baby Teddy

Sorry for the absence from the blog – I knew if I didn’t write soon I’d start to get emails from people asking if I was alive and everything was ok 🙂 I am both of those things – just busy. On Thursday I drove to the Cape and spent a lovely overnight with an old friend and her Husband at their house in Chatham. We took a boat ride and saw some seals but of course I didn’t bring my camera.

Then on Friday morning I headed over to Dennis, MA for my high school friend Sarah’s wedding on Saturday. There will be photos of that coming but I’m not sure exactly when – I leave for California at 7:30 tomorrow (oh joy!) and will be there until Tuesday the 16th….a long time away from my boys 🙁


Last Wednesday I headed over to Mike & Shana’s house to photograph their new arrival Teddy, who was seven days old at the time.

This cracked me up 🙂

My favorite I think 🙂

Sebastian didn’t want to miss anything 🙂

Shana & Mike said that these days they spend a lot of time lying in bed watching Teddy sleep….so that’s what we did!

Don’t worry – Sebastian is keeping everything under control

And kitty cat is too 🙂

It was so fun to see you guys and meet teeny Teddy! Can’t wait to see him again soon!