It’s been a hectic few days and I apologize for my absence. We got a call around 8 Tuesday night that my Father had been rushed to the hospital with a searing pain in his head. We immediately got in the car and started driving south, stopping in Brooklyn to pick up my Brother.

He was transferred from his local hospital outside of Philly to the Neurological Intensive Care Unit at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore where he will be for at least ten days. As you can imagine it’s been a roller coaster of emotions not knowing exactly what has happening or what the result would be.

At this point we are confident that he is getting absolutely the best care possible and is in the best place but it’s still scary. Last night we all got a full night’s sleep (after 1 hour the previous night) so hopefully our heads will be clearer today.

Thankfully Dad never lost consciousness and has been in good spirits since.

I’ll be down here at least through the weekend so if it takes me a few days to get back to emails you’ll know why. I haven’t yet asked if they have free wireless at the hospital but I’m crossing my fingers that there will be to pass the time between visiting hours 🙂

Take care!