Bea & Andrew

I met up recently with this sweet family at their home in Litchfield. Liza is Carter’s older sister so I’ve known her for years and years. I met Bea when she was just three months old – now she’s three and has a seven month old younger Brother Andrew!

While Andrew got dressed Bea and I played with some Dora stickers. Bea is an absolute dead ringer for Liza at this age and has the most amazing eyes (as does her Brother). I absolutely loved her little smocked sailboat dress….so sweet!

Andrew is the typical mellow second child and was full of smiles as he kicked his feet and felt the grass on his toes

All together now!

You’re four? No – you’re three!!

Is there a frog in my camera?

Love these two of Liza and Andrew

And this one of Dan and his little lady 🙂

Dad blew bubbles which Bea accurately and precisely popped with a single finger 🙂

A happy guy in his bouncy seat

And another one of Mr. Smiley as he gets changed for his nap

Time for a snoozer!

Bea had a bit of lunch before heading down for her nap

I LOVED the wide pink striped walls in Bea’s room and I love the dirty knees from playing outside…..that’s what being a kid is all about!

My favorite of Bea changing into her PJs

It was so fun to see you all again – thanks for having me over!! xo