Bedroom Makeover!

The next step of the bedroom makeover (after choosing a fabric and creating a headboard) was choosing a paint color and making it happen!
As you can see I brought home a lot of samples (and made an impulse buy of two color sample jars that were not what I wanted!!)

As I rejected colors I hung them to the side just to make sure I hadn’t made any mistakes 🙂

These had been my top choices that I put to a vote on my blog.

Well – I ended up going in a different direction 🙂

On the recommendation of my friend Carolyn I paid a visit to the John Boyle decorating center in Bloomfield. They are apparently experts at choosing paint colors there and I have to say I agree! I brought my fabric along and the woman I spoke with counseled that all my choices were too blue for the fabric and were also going to be very bright (instead of soothing) – good thing I went 🙂

I decided on Benjamin Moore’s Serene Breeze (#449) for the wall color and for the closet chose Nob Hill Sage (450). I bought a smallish can of the Serene Breeze figuring I would be back the next day for more.

On Friday late in the afternoon I cranked up All Things Considered and started emptying the room. By the time Jeff got home I had it mostly complete and he helped me pull the furniture out into the middle of the room.

With all our stuff out of the closet you could really see the delightful color somebody chose for the back of the closet 🙂 The rest of the room was a shade of white- not bad but a bit boring 🙂

Jeff got to work peeling the paper off the one part of the wall with water damage….that wall paper also might win an award for ugliness 🙂

We also uncovered a very large crack in the wall that we spackled over- let’s hope the house doesn’t collapse around us 🙂

Drying the wall with a hair dryer, painting trim, and taping 🙂

Jeff was the big roller guy and I did most of the taping and the trim work 🙂

Strider supervised from the living room couch

By the end of Friday night we had primed the whole room and closet and also Jeff used up the can of paint to cover almost an entire wall….we liked what we saw 🙂

We slept in the guest room and got started again the next morning.

Thankfully my friend Eileen’s dog Sadie was spending the weekend with us so she kept Sage occupied 🙂

We came out of the bedroom only for loud crashing noises 🙂

Sadie is Sage’s cousin and Strider’s niece – another beautiful Rosemont Lab!!

By the afternoon they were all tuckered out so we were able to keep going (our luggage came from the bedroom!)

Strider wasn’t too sure about all the action 🙂

On Saturday morning we finished up Coat #1 and then went out for a date lunch and ate a LOT of sushi….it was delicious 🙂


In the middle of the afternoon our living room window started to drip…..a lot.

We had to empty the glasses about every 20 minutes – oh the joys 🙂

But we were not deterred – we set to work in the late afternoon on our second coat of paint and finished it in about 1 1/2 hrs.

That night Jeff took over trim work while I did the taping (not sure why he changed his shirt!!)

By around 10 PM we were back in action and could sleep in our bed that night- hooray!

The paint color looked fabulous although I will say there you have to look VERY closely to see a difference between the room and closet colors….should have gone darker – oh well!

It’s starting to look like a retreat! Next up….the curtains and the big reveal 🙂