Birthday BBQ!

On Sunday Carla had us all over to our house for a birthday BBQ…..lots of fun 🙂 Carla’s bday is on the 19th, my birthday is on the 20th, and Strider’s as you already know is on the 21st…..a triple birthday party 🙂 Of course I focused most on the kids 🙂

This little cutie is Katie Slater’s ADORABLE son!

And of course Ms. Georgie Ten Eyck

She is one cutie patootie!

Isn’t this outfit classic? (not to mention the face!)

Mr. Graham Scobey 🙂

This was his first smore experience!

He kept saying: “this is hot!”

Whereas Ms. Georgie just eats them raw 🙂

Katie kindly eats the burned section off for her little guy


Carla tries to get a shot of the crowd

How much of a photographer is Carla? Photographing the lighting of her own birthday cupcake!

Happy birthday Carla!